Dec 5, 2009

I don't wanna be the last to know...

An Anon reader said she'd like to know how to incorporate some fashion trends into her wardrobe while keeping things casual and edgy; no florals or pink. Sounds like me! I also wish I could make these bigger... I don't know how to. Does anyone know?

Let's go

I absolutely say that boyfriend cardigans are the way to go. I love them so much, and they take up a huge part of my closet. Stripes have also been popular this season. I really like them. Rings can also add edginess to any outfit (Polyvore has some sickkk rings! Like the back bone/spine ones, and tons of awesome skulls)You can pile them on, without looking trashy. I like BIG rings a lot.

Wanna go to the Rock show?

Also, you can still look edgy and casual while wearing a skirt. High waisted skirts are in right now, and they should stay that way. they're just a lot more flattering than skirts that hang on your waist... You can add a cool vintage shirt or Band t shirt to a high wasited A line skirt. I saw the grey skirt at H&M and I LOVE IT! However, it was a little too spendy for me... Anyways, be careful on what t shirt you wear. Some of them look weird with A line skirts. BERETS!!! they're so cute, just beware, those sparkley ones are kinda tacky...

She's got the look

I really like the boyfrien blazers too! Just because they are "preppy" doesn't mean you can't add things to it to make it edgy. Black skinny jeans would also look good, and maybe even those shredded ones too. Jewelry can pretty much make an outfit, you can add studded cuffs or edgy chain

I would like to add that you can stil wear florals or pink, and be "edgy" I do it... here, Lemme show you [:



Hope this helps!


  1. all these outfits are amazing

  2. I love all of them, but especially the last. Whether I add florals or pink really depends on my mood I find
    It would be mine

  3. The preppy boyfriend blazer has to be one of my favorite trends this season along with all manner of stockings.

  4. i really like de last one w/o the tights. and the bf blazer one

  5. wow thank you so much for answering my question! you give reallly good advice and these outfits are super awesome! thanks again!

  6. I agree with absolutely all of these situations, and also a plus is that if I'm in a hurry in the morning, boyfriend cardigans and blazers are so easy to throw on over a tshirt and jeans and still look cute!!

    xo, C.

  7. I love the dotted tights, last outfit is definitly my taste :)

  8. next time can you tall us were the items are from. and the studded necklace is from f21. luv ur blog, gud help to everyone

  9. LOVING (read: obsessed) with the chain boots in the first set. i need them.

    Mode Junkie


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