Jul 31, 2009

Black and White...

There's just something I love about black and white photos. Opps, I guess the first picture isn't B&W, but it looks so cool! Here's to all the wonderful photography out there... This is what I did one friday evening... took pictures for my blog, hung out with my dog and cat (while they played model), and ate the best mango sorbet ever! Jeans: Vintage Levi's( The only pair of non skinny jeans that I own). Tank Top:H&M. Jacket: Nine West. leather gloves: vintage
The piano that the camera was sitting on

A hole in my pants...

Nice Lighting to make my face look good... or kinda goodThe shirt...

And now to my cat and dog... future models fer sure! You can see out dog, Dakota has destroyed our couch. It's mostly his couch now because he's the only one who used it. He likes to "keep watch" looking out the window at the action going on outside. Thought the ripped up couch was a cool picture though...

He Loves me!

My fat cat named Star, but i love her

Brother asked me to draw a picture of Star lying down... Took me 2 seconds, but I think it's quite accurate! And the head shot drawing is her at the Vet yelping. She doesn't like the vet :(And last but not least, I tried this new Mango Sorbet from Trader Joe's. I love that place, everything is SOOOO good there. So if you have a TJ by you, go get some!Good bye for now! please leave me comments letting me know what you think!

Jul 30, 2009

RiRi's hair cut and her inspiration??????

Ok, so we all know about Rihanna's edgy new hair cut. I have to say, I'm a fan of it. It makes her look very... well edgy. Remember when she had the long wavy hair that made her look like a pretty princess? Well she cut her hair, and keeps getting shorter. I think it makes her look a lot more mature and fashion forward. She also has a very nice jaw line for short hair. When I first saw her hair I thought it looked like Sonya Teyah, a choreographer best known from the tv show, So You Think You Can Dance. Sure there's a difference, Sonya has long hair, and RiRi is short, but the shaved head on the side is very similar.

Here's a video of one of the many dances she choreographed for the show. It's to the song Garden by Mirah. It was performed last season (season 4) by Courtney and Mark, which they executed brilliantly! Sorry for the small screen and it's offcenteredness... I'm not the most tech savvy person and couldn't figure out how to upload it directly off youtube... and there's one more done by Mia Michaels (another AMAZING choreographer). It's to the song Mercy by Duffy performed by Twitch and Katie. These 2 dances are probably my favorites.

Jul 29, 2009

Stuff I want for back to school.

This is gonna be one long post with lots of pictures, so BRACE YOURSELF! So school is about a month away... and you know what that means. BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING! Can I get a woo woo?!?! So I was doing some online shopping at the mainstream stores, and these are some of my favortite things that I really want. (I've tried to line up all the pictures in nice neat rows, so if it looks like crap on your computer, and it's unorganized looking, I am SO sorry.)

From Urban... I love Urban, but it's too expensive for my liking. That's why I hit the Clearance Racks!

From Pac Sun. They've really gotten better clothes in the past year or so. I really like the white ripped skinny jeans, but won't wear white. I wish they came in a different color! I'm liking the backpack, but don't think I will use it for school. Pac Sun has lots of GREAT plaid. However, now plaid is VERY mainstream, which bugs me. Oh, and they have very nice v neck t shirts.

Forever21. I'm also gonna go to Forlove21, for great accessories and jewerly. I am adicted to their headbands too. I know it's very Blair Waldorf, but they are just so cute! I just I love it there because everything is so affordable yet fashionable! There are better booties out there than the ones shown here, but I just really want a pair! I am also in desperate need of a grey boyfriend cardigan because a lot of my tops are black. I don't like wearing black on black.

I also really want a fitted faux leather jacket. I have one now, but it's not that fitted. It kinda poofy on the arms and waist. This one is from Deliah and is on sale... ;D I also designed a pair of converse, and I love them! They have peacock feather pattern on the inside with lime green and dark blue accents. It's a double tongue, 2 layer shoe, so they are $70! ARG! I also need a new pair of glasses. Doc said my eyes are gonna keep on getting worse, and my parents won't buy me contacts. I don't like the way I look in glasses ( I currently have a pair of DKNY, do you want to see???). However, people have told me I look "high fashion" and "mature" in them... I think I look bad. So I want a pair of Ray Ban glasses. Hopefully this whole stage of "nerd glasses" will last a while longer, because they really suit me, and can give any boring outfit that urban hip look.

Wow that was a long post... Let me know what you're loving' , likin', or hatin'. CHAO BELLAS!

Jul 27, 2009

Cameras, gymnastics, experimenting with color, and my poor excuse for photography

So today Mom and I went to an electronic store to look at laptops and cameras. When looking at digital cameras, my mom made me do some gymnastics to test out the lense for when my brother has meets. She wants to get good pictures of him, and was looking at the expensive, big honkin, black ones. So there I was, doing backhandsprings, backwalkovers, leaps, and jump downs the aisles of this huge electronic store... the sales guy said we were the most entertaining customers he's had in a while. I really want a nice camera, like those big Nikons with expensive lenses. However, I can't afford the $700 price tag. I was looking at a Canon Sd 1220, my friend has it and loves it. The camera is about $200, and takes some prety good photos for it's price. Another I was looking at is a Nikon coolpix. It's like a 12 MP and 7 times optical zoom... so now I have to decide. that's the hard part! Sorry for the "myspace" esque mirror shots. I don't like taking pictures in the mirror, but had no patience to fight with the camera for the self timer today. I just realized, the next 2 pictures are like the same pose. Ha, opps. I don't know why everything is so... colorful. Perhaps I'm just in that kind of strange mood. cute as a button... hahaha

Shorts and tank:H&M. Blue studded belt:Forever21

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