Jun 29, 2009

new dress!

Ha ok while looking through my closet drawers, I find the skirt I wore for my first communion in 6th grade. It's a purple floral Roxy skirt that I got for $13 at TJ MAXX. I love the tulle at the bottom. So I know it's too long to wear as a skirt, so whadda I do? I pull it up to wear it as a strapless dress. Sure it's a little poofy, but I can wear something over it to hide it. i decided to see what I can use in my closet to hide all the poofyess. The black vest I got at a second hand store. It's got some vintage looking gold buttons and black lace, which I love. The one with the leather jacket and yellow belt is cool too. I wear this yellow belt a lot because it add a splash of color. I also can't wear like yellow shirts or dresses because it doesn't go with my skin tone, so I like to wear yellow accessories. Then, to clinch all the fabric together I added 3 belts. A red one, yellow, and brown all from a garage sale or thrift store. I think it has a tribal feel to it, and I love all the tribal belts the designers are doing for summer. I've always been a waist belt person. I always get comments at school wondering why I'm wearing a belt on my waist. People just don't get fashion do they? I respond, "Because it looks cool" Curvy girls should also wear waist belts because it accentuates (I totally spelled that wrong...) their waist, the smallest part of their body. I'm not saying I'm curvy, but I just like the way it looks. And for our final look, I wear a big grey vest($15) that I got at the boutique called KARMA. The triple buckle belt is from H&M($10), and the shades($.25) from a garage sale. This black belt is my favorite of them all! It's also stretchy, so if i get fat or feel bloated I can still wear it! :D

i am ashamed....

All these years, I have prided myself on the fact that I don't shop at overpriced and preppy stores like Hollister, Abercrombie, and American Eagle. I never understood why people would pay $25 for a tshirt that you will have to worry if someone else will have the same shirt. One day at school in 6th grade two girls wore the same stripped navy blue leggings from Hollister. They both were mortified, and from that day on Hollister and Abercrombie were now OUT. Stores like Urban Outfitters and boutiques were IN. So now my brother (who just turned 16) wants plaid shorts. Eww I thought. Plaid shorts are ugly, some guys can pull them off, but those guys are preppy guys. My brother IS NOT preppy, and I feared he would turn into one. My mom and I went to a local mall, and she thought we should go to Hollister for kicks. She thought since my brother wanted plaid shorts, we'd go to the store where they originated-Hollister! I was horrified as I walked into the store. Although, I do admit.... it smells SO GOOD! Mom met a nice sales guy (Who I also admit, had good style), and he started finding stuff for my brother. I looked around ready to start making fun of everything in say, because Hollister isn't known for their diverse fashion style. To make the story short, I ended up buying a pair of shorts. Yes, I feel like I've betrayed the fashion world. However, they meet all my specifications. They are medium/dark wash, they are quite destressed, and they are long enough for me to wear to school. I don't like short boot-ay shorts because A. I don't have good legs for them, an B. I can't wear them to school. I do have to say... Hollister does SMELL REALLY GOOD and their models are hot....like this guy here!

Jun 28, 2009

Hair cut!

About 2 years ago, I went into the hair salon assuming I was just going to get the normal. She would just trim a couple inches off my hair, so it would be healthy and I would leave the salon looking the same as I did coming in. Well I was wrong! I had really long, nasty, unmanaged hair. Of course I thought it looked good. I never thought about changing it, but earlier my mom and I had talked about cutting it short then I backed out. Mom told the person cutting my hair that she thought since it was summer, she should cut my hair really short. They talked about it for a while and let me know what it would look like. As soon as I realized how short my hair would be, I instantly started bawling my eyes out. For girls, our hair is our security net. We think we will be less pretty and look like a boy if we don't have our long hair. That's exactly what I thought and I told them I didn't want to do it. All the women at the salon tried to convince me I had the perfect face for short hair. My high cheek bones were covered by my hair, but they needed to be shown. Finally I gave in and cut 11 inches off my hair! I donated it all to Locks for Love, a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients.

Yesterday I went into the same place to get my hair trimed. I have been getting it cut to look like "The Posh". I think Victoria was the first woman to recently go main stream with a hair cut like this. Before she had long, brown, and luxorious extentions. I thought this hair cut made her more edgy. Now, I want to grow it out again. Not as long as I used to have it, but a little longer than I do now. The black and white picture is how I had it before I got it cut yesterday. I liked the length of the front, but the back is signifigantly shorter than the front. I hadn't gotten it cut for about.... 3 or 4 months I think. I knew my hair was getting damaged with split ends and thought if I cut all the dead ends off, it will start to grow again. So I got it cut. I don't know if I like the results or not. I don't like how she cut too much off, but then again, what did I expect? She also put in a red extention, which I think looks really cool! My mom won't let me dye my hair because she thinks it'll damage my hair or something. It's not a big change. I want to grow my hair out to look kinda scene or emo. But not major scene like the picture with the bow. I would feel like a poseur, because I am not scene nor am I emo. I just like the way it looks. I want it kinda like the picture with the girl with blue eyes or the asian girl.

There are lots of celebrities with short hair, and I've talked to my friends. A lot of them think I should keep it short. They include, Rihanna, Lilly Allan, model Agyness Deyn, Selma Blair, Victoria Beckham and more. In the past month Vogue, Teen voue, and harper's Bazaar have all done an article on short hair. All 3 agree that it's a fashion forward look, and highlights a girl's face structure. Oh, I don't know what to do!

Jun 27, 2009

Midwestern hick???

Hello!!!! So I know this outfit may not be the most summery thing out there, but I like it. I am wearing a vintage Ralph Lauren plaid shirt that I bought at St. Vincent De Paul, a charity thrift store for $1.99. When I bought the shirt, it was weirdly perportioned. The waist was too big and the shirt too short. I fixed the waist problem, I just sewed a new but smaller hem on both side. The grey tank is from H&M for $12.95, and so are the zipper leggings! Leggings are going to be HUGE for fall, and I absolutely LOVE zippers. They just add the whole grunge rock feel to it. The nerd glasses are some broken sunglasses from Wet Seal that I got the lenses out of. I needed some nerd glasses for a movie at school, and didn't have any. Found the glasses and VOILA! I had myself a nice pair of attractive nerd glasses. The white ballet flats with bows are from an Animal Ark charity store that I got really cheap! It feels good to shop at stores where you know your money is going toward a good cause. Once. I found these adorable mustard yellow Gucci sandals there. I wanted them so bad, but at that time I didn't have any money and my mom didn't want to pay $20 on sandals! "But mom! They're Gucci!", I complained. She didnt care, and used the "your dad will kill me" card. *sigh*

So yes, I do realize that this outfit may have a... midwestern Hick feel to it, but I think it's a nice, easy, comfortable thing to wear to school or anywhere really... Plaid has become really popular now, and many stores have been putting them out on their racks. However, I DO NOT want to pay $25+ on something I can buy at a thrift store for $5 or less. Plus, it's like recycling your clothes. How green! Also, you get the real deal at thrift stores, not some new fake plaid shirt.
Well kids, I must be going now. Don't want to bore you with anymore thrift store stories....
Have a great summer! Comment and tell me what you think!!

Jun 25, 2009


hey everyone...if anyone,
I have a polyvore account now! wooo
ok heres some of my outfits and creations!

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Jun 15, 2009

Stephen sprouse for louis vuitton

marc jacobs

agynes deyn

I have to say I LOVE the Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton collection. I think that because it has the youthful vibe to it I like it so much. The bright neon colors, the ghetto high top shoes, and just everything about it is really cool. I would love to get my hands on those shoes...

Jun 5, 2009

Gasp for the truth

I was very apprehensive about buying this sweater because it is very..preppy. Preppy just isn't the way I tend to flow. However, I wore it to school, and people loved it. It's from Target: $7?. the black skinny jeans are from Pac Sun: 2 for $55. The belt is vintage and same with the scarf. The off white shirt I got from Urban. The black flats I got from a thrif store for $2.50! I love bargain shopping, and I think it's definately the way to go, especially in this economy. We should start finding new ways to buy clothes that won't break the budget. Plus, some of the most unique and fashion forward stuff comes from thrift stores.

Summer Florals

Sorry it's so small and blurry... I don't know how to make it bigger! Here are some of my favorite florals for summer!

Jun 4, 2009

Summer...what will it bring?

Just thought I would share some more pictures. These are older than the War of the Roses, but I just forgot to put these up before.
leggings: target. plaid shirt: pac sun, white dress: macy's. necklace: forlove 21

shirt: forever 21. Glasses: vintage

Red shoes: steve madden

Shorts: thrift store. Shirt Forever 21. Necklace: i made it. Scarf worn on wrist: thrift store. Sunglasses: from a garage sale for .50 cents!
Haha, I just thought I'd put this on here. I think it's kinda funny! it shows some of my casual but different looks I have. As I wait for the summer to unfold and bring it's new memories, I wonder what can I do to make this Summer the best it can be. I know that sounds really cheesey, but I think I've had too many summers where I say "oh, I could go do that, but I'm too lazy!" I would really want to start running again this summer, because I want to start getting back in shape. I would also want to hang out with more friends, get together and chill. Oh, and I want to find myself. Figure out who I am and what kind of person I am. Ha, ok that sounds...dumb. I wanna be able to get out more and show people who I am. Maybe bring some spontanious things into my life. Ah, the places I will go this summer....*sigh*

War of the Roses pt 2

dress: forever21. black chain necklace: Forlove21. multi colored pearls: Target. pearls and chains: I made it!. Leggings: target. Shoes: H&M. over sized green purse: Target

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