Dec 13, 2009

Smile for the Paparazzi

I finally got myself to go take some photos... nothing too exciting, but I did get a new coat.
Christmas is almost here, I'm quite excited. We are going to Florida and on a cruise! I just loath this cold weather that we always get. BRRR. I'm planning on getting a tan too!

We had to write a poem for English class about a place... ahaha mine ended up very emo. We just started a poetry unit, and I loath poetry. I'm so bad at writing it too. It was supposed to be about how I feel like I can just go to my bedroom and escape all the crap going on. I listen to music in the dark with my Christmas lights on, and that's pretty much it. Here it is...

The Escape Artists

The calamity of this world,
Is sometimes too much to handle.
Wait up, I just need you to tell me to hold on,
I need you to be my escape.
‘Cause when I fall into pieces,
All that is needed is peace and quiet.
The malevolence of everything
Is such a desolate feeling,
At the pit of my stomach,
Lingering and waiting for something pure.
The darkness overshadows,
And engulfs the remaining residue of wickedness.
The light twisted around the apathy,
Giving me my last bit of inspiration,
The profound rhythm keeps on beating,
Taking me away to my secret garden.
A moment in time,
Isolated and alone.
Just enough to keep the motivation running
‘Cause tomorrow is just another day
Let’s escape while we can.


  1. Great new coat and great pictures :)
    I cannot believe there is so much snow where you live!! It looks great!

  2. your a great writer! you have such beautiful skin i have to say hun...and WOW look at that snow...its been 40degrees for the past 2 days here in australia. im meeeeelting xxx

  3. it looks like a really perfect christmas
    unfortunetley here in my city didn't snow:(
    i hope it will
    at least on Christamas
    i miss snow so much:(

    love the hat^^

  4. dang! have fun in florida and on the cruise!

  5. Your beautiful! xxxx
    Love your blog- Im following you :) xxxx

  6. Ohhh snow exciting! We have supposed snow on Friday.. This has made me even more excited!
    It would be mine

  7. God,can you ,please,send me some snow ?

  8. You're so pretty, beautiful pictures!


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