Aug 30, 2009

"And you swear this is a different scene, but remember it's just different from what you've seen."

So tierney's party was so freaking fun. I didn't expect it to be that good, partly cuz the kids from my school don't really get into the whole "dancing" scene. Whatever, once those highland kids got movin', we shhhhoook our butts too.

lemme share with you my current song obsession.... hot mess by Cobra starship. My friend Elise, and I were the only ones who knew this song at the party, and so we were dancing and singing like a bunch of loosers. haha.

Cause you're a Hot mess, and I'm falling for you! And I'm like "hot damn, lemme make you my boo." Cause you shake it, shake it, shake it like you know what to do. You're a hot mess, and I'm loving it HELL YES!

So guess what? today I bought a camera. Yes I did. Not the one I wanted though. I wanted the Canon SD1200, but that was out of stock. Instead, I bought a Nikon. It comes in this sexy shade of purple, and is super tiny.

And now since school is a week away and I was super bored, I'm doning my anual "look though the plethora of fashion magazines you have and decorate your school notebook and folder" event. It's a fun time! I realize now I have too many fashion magazines... but i enjoy reading them too much. And if I want to work at a fashion magazine I should look at them, right?

So my floor is a complete mess... haha but i enjoy doing this kind of stuff. It's fun. and i get mixed reviews at school. Some think it's sweet others think I have no life (which I don't). And others just think it's stupid I have models splashed across my folers. Whatever I like it...

good night! haha, one more week of summer vacation! Freshman orientation is tuesday.. EEEK!

Aug 29, 2009

my new purchases

hmmm so this morning i took pictures of what I just recently bought. Eh it was WAY too early to focus on doing my hair or putting my makeup on so you all get to see me in my all natural way. ISH. i just took tired and bleh. sorry. So yeah, I went shopping last night at like 8pm. I felt like such a rebel going shopping too close to when the stores closing... yes i live a very pathetic life. but i did play hooky. my dad thought mom and I were at the gym working out but we went shopping instead :D!

First up... this lovely floral dress. Well i don't really know if it's a dress, because it's like a t shirt kind of material but I'm wearing it as one. ha it was from URBAN for $9.99. I was surprised I bought this cuase usually i don't go for the whole floral girly look.

2. Grey top with cool racerback from Urban, $20.

third. we have this black slouchy top from Urban for $20 that has this cool tulle and stud gathering on the shoulders of the top. AND YAY! i finally got myself some grey skinny jeans from PacSun. That place has great jeans for a great price.

4th. we have a high waisted black shirt from h&M. Ya it was like $15. I got a grey jacket there too, but I'm gonna return it because it looks like I'm gonna go out for a run or a baseball game.

and last but not least I got a scarf from &M for $10 and some more skinny jeans from PacSun. I promised myself 2 weeks ago, I wouldn't buy anymore blue denim jeans because I have like 15 pairs now. and they're all skinny, However I needed to get 2 pairs for the deal. Here's some math for you. The deal was 2 for $55 (which was really good because these were normally $42.50 and the grey ones were originally $39.50), then I had a $19 merch. card, and 20% off a total purchase. So I ended up only paying $24 something for 2 pairs of jeans!
So as you can see, my style isn't the best. It's very casual and conservative compared to all you fashionistas out there. But hey, my style is "pretty out there" at my school... which makes you wonder how poorly dressed people are at my school. Haha whatever, i love em anyways.

Tonight I'm going to a party at tierney's house. It's gonna be a big party cuz she's having all her friends from the Highlana Area and all the catholic schools in the area and the people who go to hers and my school. So this will be interesting!

I just wanna say THANK YOU for all the nice comments! and even though i only ahev like 29 followers, it's a lot better than the 1 friend from school who followed me. So thanks everyone! ok corny moment over... OOXOXOX adios

Aug 28, 2009

blog award!

Sophie has given me an award! thanks girl! ( Go check out her blog if you haven't already, it's so good! and with this i guess I'm supposed to tell you 10 things about me... so here they go....

1. I can't swim. I really can't, i can barely "dog paddle". It's embaressing...

2. I always have my nails painted black

3. I tend to be more pessimistic than optimistic. I should work on that.

4. I would love to be a creative director, stylist, or photographer for a fashion magazine.

5. My hair used to be really long, then I cut 11 inches off and donated it to people who have cancer. They can make wigs out of it.

6. Um... my favorite subjects in school were Latin ( cause the teacher was SO cool), art and math.

7. I would love to be more witty... scarcastic and outgoing.

8. I really only text 2 people on a regular basic. ocassionally 2 more, but only tierney and keenan mostly. haha

9. I love love love hardcore metal/screamo/scene/emo music. warped tour music is my favorite!

10. I wish I was the person who could say I don't give a crap what people say. i really wish I could, but unfortunatly I do care what people say and think about me.

Now i give this award to... Sorry if u already have it

Aug 26, 2009

Black and Gold

I finally got a hold of my mother's camera (I really need to buy one myself!). Today after working in my mother's classroom for almost 6 hours today (with these 2 really annoying girls), I got to go to a local Boutique called PATINA. It's not a clothing boutique, it's more of an accessory/homeliving/crazy stuff store. PATINA is kind of more for the 30 year old quirky moms out there, but I got a gift card for my birthday and needed to exchange something I didn't want that I had recievd. So I got 2 studded bracelets. A black one with gold studs and a white one with gold studs. I'm happy now cause I've been looking for some for a LONG time.

I'm enthralled that I finally get to do a proper post! And I also bet y'all are bored of my crappy posts, so we both win. Tomorrow hopefully I will be able to go to the mall to use my gift cards to Urban and H&M. I have $50 to H&M, and after exchanging a shirt and nailpolish that I don't want, I will have about $70 to Urban. I'M OH SO VERY PUMPED.

Studded bracelets (black and white): PATINA. Juicy Couture charm bracelet. Black beaded necklace(worn as a bracelet): Claires. Tights: Target. Off White Tunic: Vintage. Black lace Vest: Vintage. Ankle Boots: charity store.

ADIOS! haha. Am I the only one, or do like shirts that say "100% Angel" bug you? And maybe I"m the only one who hates this, but i really am not into the whole "peace sign", heart, tie dye fad we have going on here. It's really... idk seems immature for someone to be wearing peace signs, very infantile. Maybe i'm the only one who thinks it.

Aug 25, 2009

I need to go shopping!

For my Birthday I had gotten some goft cards to Urban Outfitters, one of my favorite stores! And I love gift cards there becuase it's normally too expensive for me to actually buy clothes there, except clearance of course! So heres some stuff I want! OH How I need to go to the mall!

Aug 24, 2009

Color block

Sorry this post is way over due. I've just been busy with helping mom set up her classroom, and I've been watching season 1 and 2 of Prison Break on DVD which has inhaled a lot of my time. Uh here's just some photos i edited and an outfit post. Sorry it's not the most creative!~

Off the shoulder top:Target, DIY black skinny jeans:originally from H&M, black pumps: Vintage, Sequin Headband: Vintage Glasses: vintage (these 4 pics were supposed to be lined up in 2 rows of 2 and it looks pretty cool, i love the color block. Hopefully it lined up well on ur computer)

Aug 21, 2009

karl who??? :)

So here comes more posts that don't require a camera from my end of things. Here's the legendary designer, Karl Lagerfeld carrying a bag, that pokes fun of him. It was designed by Nico Paris. Who ironically won a court case against Chanel and the use of their logo. Way to be a good sport Karl! Gosh, I love this man The trend continues... a t shirt!

Oh, and people. Don't go out and spend $70 on the eco friendly tote, and god knows how much on the t shirt because it's SO simple to make! Take a tote, t shirt, or whatever else you want, and paint it on with a brush and and paint. SIMPLE RIGHT??? when i go to likie target or something, ill pick up a shirt and make one myself. And maybe the bag too... :)

Aug 20, 2009


Just gotta say, sorry for the lack of actual good posts. Ah, my mom took her camera and so i'm without one. So that means I really need to go buy one. Kinda wish i would have gotten more gift cards to target for my birthday so i can buy one... Huh. Right now I have $80, and i need $120 more. looks like i'm gonna have to take some money out of my savings account. shoot.

So here's some polyvore sets to keep you guys mildly entertained. my apologies again.


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