Sep 28, 2009

A whirwind of crazyness

I'm just warning everyone in advanced, that I may not be able to post til the weekend. I've got a crap load of tests coming up this week...

Wednesday : AP US history quiz and Accelerated English Quiz on To Kill a Mockingbird (read it last year for my old school...)
Thursday: AP US History test on chapters 1,2,3 multiple choice, and Biology Test on ch. 1 and 2
Friday. AP US essay and map portion, and English vocab test...
AHHH and it's homecoming week. This is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm gonna take some photos for the yearbook at the game, hopefully I'll get some decent ones!

My package from Forever21 came today! I got a dress, this amazing mustard yellow hat, 2 necklaces and a t shirt... I'll show you when I can!! These photos don't do the hat any justice.

hope everyone's week isn't as crazy as mine! xoxox

Sep 27, 2009

Winnie the Pooh said "it's a Blustery Day" I would have to agree with him on that

Ehhh it's soo windy here right now. it's insane. I almost got pushed over myself. haha

Made a new header for the blog. It's better than the old one, which looked weird. Woo hoo i like this one.

I'm feeling really mopey and sad. Maybe it has to do with homecoming. Mom won't let me go to my old school's and I don't wanna go to my new school's Homecoming. *sigh* I think I need some excitment to bring into life, because I don't much care for monotonous things. I also need to start being my social butterfly self at my new school... ARG it's hard though.

So I bought some fashion magazines hoping it will cheer me up. I bought the Oct. issue of Elle, with Victoria Beckham on the cover. She's amazing. I love her strange sense of fashion... haha it's cute on her.

Then I got the Harper's Bazaar Runway Report from the Fall/Winter collections. Yes I know S/S runway shows have been going on, but there ain't no magazine for that one.

I'm hoping a dose of fashion will cheer me right up. I bet it will.. at least it will give me something to do. umm... Oh i've decided I want a tatoo. yes, but i'm such a baby about it. and plus I can't legally get one til I'm 16, and my mom won't let me til i'm legally an adult and able to "mess up my life".... Should I get extentions??? the back of my hair won't grow (I used to have the "Posh" bob thing, it looked cute but I'm growing it out now) However, extentions are like $60, which I don't currently have. I think I'll go rob a bank or something...ha Jk

xoxox hope everyone has a good week!

Sep 26, 2009

"You're my heroin, when this moment i'm lonely, for killing my darkest dreams. Because days come and go, but my feelings for you last forever"

I'm alive, and able to move! haha but i'm huring. My back, shoulders, and legs hurts. Eh, that's what happens when you decide to get back into gymnastics. Your body don't like it at all!

Here's some photos I took this morning... roses and leaves! woo. I'm happy fall is coming. Fall atire is just so lovely, and on top of that we get to drink apple cider, hot cocoa, the leaves turn lovely colors, and it's an excuse to buy a new coat! I don't think my parent's will buy me one this year, because I still have 2 from last year... but the cute one isn't very warm :/ And I dont' have any money now because of gymnastics. dang. They want me back at my old job, and they said they'd give me a raise!!!! I would love to go back teaching the little ones how to do cartwheels and such, but I have no ride. No car, no license... *Sigh*












This is also what I wore today... Shirt: H&M, cardigan wrap: Target, skinnies: Pac Sun, Necklaces: DIY, and Forever21. I don't know if I like the cardi wrap... Just got it today, but I don't know about the sleves?? Makes me look like a court jester. What do you guys think?
xoxoxox i hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Sep 25, 2009

"run baby run. Don't ever look back, cuz they'll tear us apart.."

Today was the first day of gymnastics!!! I've been on a 3 year sabatical, and thought i was gonna make a fool of myself... but i didn't. gymnastics isn't one of those sports that you cant just hope right into, we do lots of crazy flips, twists, and tumbles. it's hard on your body. I know i'm gonna be super sore tomorrow. I'll be lucky if i can move. The bad thing about gymnastics is that I have to walk from school to the gym, which is about a 25 minute walk. Which isn't horrible, but it was RAINING today. I had my nasty pink umbrella that got all messed up when the wind blew by... I must have looked like a hopeless case to the cars driving by.

Uh... I guess this is more of a blog post than fashion, but I have some weird news. My family brougth over a girl from Northern Ireland 4 and 5 summers ago. She was this adorable, innocent, girl who was only about a year older than me. She seemed like a very good girl, but my mom just found out she's pregnant and due in march! She's only 16 years old!!!! And I know America has teenage moms too, but really 16 years old and she's pregnant?? *sigh* What a messed world we live in... but i do hope things go well for her.

It's finally weekend, so I"m happpy! woooo. I'll try and post some outfits soon. School has just been weird, and with me starting gymnastics again, i'm gonna be really tired. Here's some photos I'm loving at the moment.

Photography. Pictures, Images and Photos

Photography Pictures, Images and Photos

photography Pictures, Images and Photos

Photography Pictures, Images and Photos

it's a strawberry... being blown up!!

high speed photography Pictures, Images and Photosphotography Pictures, Images and Photos

Sorry about the kinda boring post...

Oh, help me decide. Since I have to walk to school, should I get a pair of fake uggs? the real ones are too expensive, and it's gonna start getting really cold for the fall and winter. Especially where I live... but uggs are just so preppy and mainstream, but they do keep da feet warm. help me!

Sep 23, 2009

Dear Uncle Sam, let's talk

So I know a lot of blogs have done their favorites on the NYC fashion week, and because so many have covered it, I'm trying to stay away. Don't want over kill do we? However, I just got to share with you Vera Wang's S/S 2010 collection... it's just so fabulous. Very dark and romantic. If i were a designer, I'm sure my stuff would be totally inspired by Vera because a lot of her clothes are dark and edgy, but she has a very romatic and feminine touch.
Some of her jewerly is just soooo great too!
Sorry for the small photos!

Has anyone ever seen her wedding gowns too?? Ah they're just so gorgeous. they make me want to get married real soon. So if i marry a rich man, I'm gonna be wearing a Vera wang wedding dress

Sep 21, 2009

Thrift is the way to go

So here's all the thrify/vintagey stuff I got from the Arena sale. Think of the arena sale as a huge charity thrift store... :D so it's all super cheap! All these clothes I bought for $10! haha and you get to see the Georgia O'keeffe painting I painted in art last year....

Left to right:

New navy Cardigan (it's pretty chunky), skirt: target, top and belt: Vintage

New Navy and White cardigan, black leggings

New Red Plaid shirt, black v neck, and gray skinnies: Pac Sun

New Navy, off white, and burgendy flannel shirt, top: vintage, skirt and belt:H&MPhotobucket

Then I got this awesome retro (faux?) fur cape thing... I was just parading around one area and the lady said I could have it for free since I was helping clean up. I just love free shit, don't you?? I'm probably never going to wear this, but Jane of Sea of Shoes is obsessed with fur coats and the such.... hahaPhotobucket

Uhh got this wool plaid shirt... it's navy and burgendy but it's really ichy! so I have to wear a long sleve top under it.


And... there's this awesome backpack thing..... very vintage looking.
Photobucket Then i got this over sized grey t shirt that I'm wearing with lack leggings. And this funky off white belt with these gold circular stud things... they look very victorian.Photobucket

Got a bunch of free books! After the sale was over, workers got to go around and pick up whatever they wanted. Again, free stuff rocks!

and my possibley favorite find... a super old polaroid camera! old school right here! haha I love it, now i just need to find film which will be super hard! ebay??


Hope everyone had a lovely monday! xoxxo

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