Jun 4, 2009

War of the Roses

Hey everyone, I'm back! Ah, school was out just yesterday, and I can tell you there were many tears shed from some of my friends. It's always sad to see the people you spend the most time with, cry because they're gonna miss everyone so much. I don't really know what to do this summer, other than work. I have a friend (anythingearthy.blogpsot.com) who is moving to Boston for boarding school. No, she's not a spoiled brat who's parents are so sick of her that they send her away. She's fine young lady who has many talents and is curious about life itself . I'm gonna miss her dearly, but I know she's gonna go to a really great school. Another one of my friends, whom I ran track with this Spring is moving to Cali. She's one of the most optimistic, caring, happy girl I know. However, I do believe she's the perfect Cali girl, long skinny legs, long blonde hair, and loves to strut her stuff. She's a lovely girl. And my dear friend, Ena, who I share many..interesting memories with. She wrote me like a five page letter for my yearbook! I'm gonna miss her over the summer, but guess what? She got signed with a modeling agency. I'm so happy for her. So as I sit here wondering what to do with myself this summer, I'm loading some pictures for you. I call them "The War of the Roses". My local radio station has a bit, that I borrowed the name from. It's pretty intertaining because they try to see if the boyfriend will send the roses to the girlfriend or some other girl. It's always scandalous and enterataining. I think our society loves scandal... We have shows like Gossip Girl (which I also love watching because of the fashion!), 90210, The Secret Life of an American Teenager, and celebrities that we have this certain facination with. It's like an obsession! I find myself watching some of these shows, sucked into all drama that is happening. And as I remember the past school year, all the pointless drama we fought over, I realize it's so stupid. So as I go, remember the people who you love most. Cherish any and every moment you can with them because you never know what's going to happen. LIVE A FASHIONABLE LIFE

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