Jun 4, 2009

Summer...what will it bring?

Just thought I would share some more pictures. These are older than the War of the Roses, but I just forgot to put these up before.
leggings: target. plaid shirt: pac sun, white dress: macy's. necklace: forlove 21

shirt: forever 21. Glasses: vintage

Red shoes: steve madden

Shorts: thrift store. Shirt Forever 21. Necklace: i made it. Scarf worn on wrist: thrift store. Sunglasses: from a garage sale for .50 cents!
Haha, I just thought I'd put this on here. I think it's kinda funny! it shows some of my casual but different looks I have. As I wait for the summer to unfold and bring it's new memories, I wonder what can I do to make this Summer the best it can be. I know that sounds really cheesey, but I think I've had too many summers where I say "oh, I could go do that, but I'm too lazy!" I would really want to start running again this summer, because I want to start getting back in shape. I would also want to hang out with more friends, get together and chill. Oh, and I want to find myself. Figure out who I am and what kind of person I am. Ha, ok that sounds...dumb. I wanna be able to get out more and show people who I am. Maybe bring some spontanious things into my life. Ah, the places I will go this summer....*sigh*

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  1. Oh My Gosh!! I LOVE YOUR PICTURES!!!! How do you do it?????? They are soooo... BEAUTIFUL!

    Fashion or Modeling will be your career, Diana!


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