Jun 29, 2009

new dress!

Ha ok while looking through my closet drawers, I find the skirt I wore for my first communion in 6th grade. It's a purple floral Roxy skirt that I got for $13 at TJ MAXX. I love the tulle at the bottom. So I know it's too long to wear as a skirt, so whadda I do? I pull it up to wear it as a strapless dress. Sure it's a little poofy, but I can wear something over it to hide it. i decided to see what I can use in my closet to hide all the poofyess. The black vest I got at a second hand store. It's got some vintage looking gold buttons and black lace, which I love. The one with the leather jacket and yellow belt is cool too. I wear this yellow belt a lot because it add a splash of color. I also can't wear like yellow shirts or dresses because it doesn't go with my skin tone, so I like to wear yellow accessories. Then, to clinch all the fabric together I added 3 belts. A red one, yellow, and brown all from a garage sale or thrift store. I think it has a tribal feel to it, and I love all the tribal belts the designers are doing for summer. I've always been a waist belt person. I always get comments at school wondering why I'm wearing a belt on my waist. People just don't get fashion do they? I respond, "Because it looks cool" Curvy girls should also wear waist belts because it accentuates (I totally spelled that wrong...) their waist, the smallest part of their body. I'm not saying I'm curvy, but I just like the way it looks. And for our final look, I wear a big grey vest($15) that I got at the boutique called KARMA. The triple buckle belt is from H&M($10), and the shades($.25) from a garage sale. This black belt is my favorite of them all! It's also stretchy, so if i get fat or feel bloated I can still wear it! :D


  1. my favorite look is with the 3 belts! soooo cute diana! why do you have to be so damn creative! im jealous!


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