Mar 15, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Even though it is technically Spring, there's still a good amount of snow left on the ground. Winter this year has been dreadful. Incessent snowfall, even the most snow loving Minnesotans want it all to just go away. Wanna know what's funny too? Every time we received a heavy load of school, it was either on the weekend or days we already didn't have snow. Obviously, the man up there wants us all little kids to get a good education. We're apparently close to the record of the most snow in one year. How sad is that?


I'm on Spring Break right now. As much as I love not having school, I find myself bored quite often. My mom is subbing all week, my brother has school, so there's really not much to do. Today some of my gymnastics team mates and I are making a scrapbook for our coach as an end fo the year gift. Yeah, we're scrapin' like a bunch of crazy old ladies. Should be fun!

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  1. I checked out your flickr, its amazing! I'd love to know how you edit your photos and what kind of lens you use
    It would be mine


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