Mar 26, 2009

A style tip for you :)

Hello! This is what I wore yesterday...Blue tank is from Forever21 ($9.80), Scarf from Claire's (Hey don't judge, it's only $6), jeans also from Forever21, but I got them at a secondhand store ($14), the shoes are faux Steve Madden. I didn't know that until I realized a good friend of mine had the same gold Steve Madden's!!! Girls, don't be afraid to mix and match colors! I know bright blue and red usually don't match, but it's Sping and anything can happen! Like shown here, purple and pink look fabulous! I think skinny jeans can really look good on anyone, and can make any outfit look Urban, hip and cool! The moment I saw these adorable pink sandals, I knew I had to share them with you! A friend at school wore them for the first time today, and she was overwhelmed with complements. Said she got them from Marshall's for $20! These sandals are perfect for Spring and are a much better choice than flip flops because they can cause a bad foot problem. I read it in a magazine, so it's probably true. You don't want to be 30 and in a wheelchair cause you wore flip flops in your youth. When your thirty, you probably have better things to do. Like chasing Little Suzie Q around the house cause she won't take her Chicken Pox meds. Into something more fashionable....This charming knit cream dress looks adorable on another friend at school! She paired it with a lace navy tank, and black leggings embelished with buttons on the side. She wore vintage brown boots with a heel. Ah, how I wish I could wear heels. My legs are very short and would love to have that optical illution of long legs. *sigh*

Hope it gets warmer outside...After all, it's Spring. XOXO

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