Mar 24, 2009

what I wore today

Well hello everybody!

I know I havn't been writing in a while, but truth? I really don't think there are many of you out there reading this? If you are, please leave a comment!

This is what I wore to school today: Cardigan from a thrift store($8?) . Top from Forever21 ($17.80), and the jeans too (19.80). I normally don't spend that much money on clothes (fifteen and under is usually my limit), but it was spring break and I wanted to splurge!! haha. The converse are from the Converse Outlet ($19.99) . They are high top, double tongue, and very cool! I must say, my legs look really short in this picture. Yes, I know I already have short legs, and am constantly reminded of that. Maybe I just have not gotten a real good look at how short they really are... I have to add this last picture of my dear friend. She is infamously known at my school for wearing these ugly cargo pants that really don't suit her well. She is also skinny mini (21 inch waist?), and says it's hard to find clothes...I tell her all the time to go the H&M kids at the mall. But doesn she listen? NO! But it's ok, I still adore her. We were goofing around this morning, and I told her this looked like something the models would do in Vogue. She looked at me like she didn't know what I was talking about. I told her that now lots of models are doing these fabulous jumping photos that look so effortless. When I try doing jumping pictures, I look like a have a double chin and my braces are really shiney! Not attractive!

XOXO more soon.


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