Mar 27, 2009


Today was rather cold. Sure just a week ago, it was a heat wave! The other day it was snowing...we pretty much all cried. Now, it's warmed up a little, but I sure hope we keep it this way! I would like to say a little bit about a style I like. It's ruffles. Yes, I know they kind of have a bad rep about them, but if you wear them right, it will work out.Please, don't go overboard on the frills and ruffles, for it will make you look like a living Barbie doll of some sort. Not the most attractive! This adorable baby doll is from H&M. I tried to get a good friend of mine to get it, but she complained it looked bad on her. So since she didn't get it, I had to. It was only $10! WOOT! The three layered shirt had the subtle ombre effect, which is also really popular! Burberry, famous for their trench coats, has made an ombre trench coat. I think it was DKNY that made these awesome purple and white ombre skinny jeans. Prada and Vera Wang also followed the trend. They created these really great ombre purses that were so great, Target made some like it. And Vera's affordable line of clothing at kohl's featured ones like you would have seen on the runway. You've seen the leather jacket before, and it's still something you can wear now. It's not hot enough outside so it's still wearable and is still in. Gladiator sandals are also something you have to get for Spring and Summer. I got these black studded sandals at Old Navy last year. It was my first time wearing them, and yes my feet were a little cold! Making the blog two days in a row, is a good friend from school. I am a fan of the 80's look: off the shoulder, neon colors, color blocks, paired with leggings. The boots are Uggs, which I am not a fan of. However, I think the buttons on the side make them look fashioinable enough to wear. In the freezing cold weather in the winter, I will be wearing my fuggs. But I don't want to! I really like the long shirt with leggins look. Some days I don't want to wear jeans, and so I will go the leggins way. I hope you enjoyed the entry. tell me what you think!
XOXO: live a fashionable life


  1. Hey Diana! Oh my gosh this blog is amazing!!!! I love your style and I just overall think you rock! So...Yeah I'm just sitting here waiting for another post. Ha ha Well I love ya!
    Btw, let's go shopping!

  2. okay so, a few things i gots to tellll you!

    i found this cute little website, and you can create an account and make your own little fashion doll and desgin clothes and stuff.
    its not like barbie or anything its actually pretty cool.
    i dont have an account, but my neighbor in tenth grade does and she lovessss it.

    also, i love your bloggggg immma try to find kids from anthony to readdd it

  3. ok i will definately have to check that out! thanks lindsey!!


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