Mar 17, 2009

Nastia Liukin: BCBG's new Spring Campaign & happy st patricks day

Hey! Happy St. Patricks day! Ha my amazing mom made green eggs and ham. Also got some rainbow toast! Ha she the greatest person ever
Being an ex competitive gymnast, anything that has to do with gymnastics really excites me! Fashion and gymnastics don't usually mix together, but I was reading a gymnastics magazine and guess what I found? The 2008 Olympic Gold Champion, Nastia Liukin, is the face of BCBG Max Azria spring campaign! I read that the collection was inspired by dance and movement, and Nastia is really one of the only gymnast out there who still incorperate dance into their floor routie She is so graceful, and oh so very flexible! She met Mr. Azria on the runway, and he knew right away that he wanted her. The pictures are so easy going and so elegant! Ah, I love it!

Nastia was apart of the silver medal winning team for the USA in the Beijing Olympic games. She is known as the elegant gymnast, with clean line and graceful dance moves. She won the silver medal on the uneven bars, and battled it out for gold in the all around competition. She comes all the way from Texas, and practices at WOGA, where 2004 all around winner, Carly Patterson, trained. She finished second place on the balance beam to team mate, Shawn Johson. She earned a bronze on floor too.


  1. gymnasts shouldn't be models.
    they aren't built to be models, they're built to be gymnasts.

  2. ha ha that is true. Most gymnasts are too bulky and muscular to be them, but I must say nastia is wuite skinny and somewhat tall. BUt i think these pictures are amazing, it doesn't matter who the model is!


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