Mar 17, 2009

I went to Target!!

So everyone knows this blog is for girls who like to shop at the usual stores that you would find at the mall. So today I went to the wonderful place my friends and I call, Target "Boutique." We all love it! So as i explored this wonderful place filled with affordable clothing, I realized I had to share it with everyone. Target's Go International line is a way to get designer looking clothes for not the designer price. have to let you know, I am an avid lover of the zippers on clothes. Versace has made this wonderful white dress with zippers on it. It's so effortless! I also love ruffles. They are such a cute thing to wear for spring becuase it puts everyone in that party mood. The champange color is just so romantic, and would look great with a fitted leather jacket. The contrast of Black and White is also a nice thing for Spring. You know see tye dye all over the place now like on jeans, trench coats, and shirts. I thought this dress was a very abstract piece that I would enjoy wearing. Let's talk accessories! As I browsed through that part of the stor, I noticed this charming faux python bag that was on clearance. Haha, I speak the language of Clearance. The bag also came in a brown color. I also love anything with pyramids on it. It just catches my eye, and has the ultra cool rocker vibe to it. The gold accents add that final touch. Target doing faux LeSportsac?? Bright colors are also wonderful for the Summer and Spring season, and I loved these over sized bags.

I hope you enjoyed the Target Boutique tour!


  1. i luhhhhhhhhh target boutique =]

    cute picks for the pics (?)

  2. thank you! ha this is when i thought i was going to get in trouble with the security guards...

  3. Hey Diana haha the security guards!! That cracks me up! If i were you i'd hide in a rack of clothes. yeah so see ya monday!

  4. I like those bags in the first picture! Yay! They are so cute! This is Madison's step sister. :)


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