Jul 1, 2009

My top beauty items

I've decided to show you all (or just Mackenzie) my top beauty products. These are the things I use everyday, and recommend for anyone. First up, Biore Pore Strips. Ah, I love using these because they are so fun! They're really easy to use too. All you do is wet the area ( like your nose), and peal the strip from the plastic liner. Then you put the strip on the desired are and wait for about 10 or 15 minutes or until it feels hard like papre mache. Then... you rip 'er off! Sure, it may hurt a little, but it works magic! How do you know it really works? This is a little gross, but you can actually see the junk that was in your pores! They come out when you rip the strip off your face, and you can actually see every little thing. I find it very amusing to see how nasty your face really is. Next up, Burt's Bees Lip balm. I love this stuff because you can feel the tingle, and it leaves your lips super soft. Don't get the Burt's Bees Lifeguard or Sun protection one because it leaves your lips with a purple tint... like an Ice Princes! I also use Proactive Solutions for my acne. I was apprehensive about buying this, but it said there was a 30 day money back guarantee, so I went ahead and bought it. This stuff worked for me, but it took about 2 months before I saw major results. It's just 3 easy steps, First, is a cleanser-just like a face wash. Second, is a toner. I use a cotton ball to pour the toner on and wipe it all over my face, it removes makeup too! Third and lastly, is a repairing lotion. Sometimes I find it leaving my skin greasey looking, but then it dries and leaves the skin super soft! For my makeup, I use Maybelline Mineral Foundation. It comes with one of those short, fat, mineral foundation brushes too! I like using it because you can controll how much you want on, and it's not messy like liquid foundation. It also applies pretty smooth, so you can't tell you're wearing makeup! I have really short eyelashes, so I use Lash Blast by Cover Girl. I don't know if it's the best mascara out there, but it's what I use and I like the length it adds. Plus, it's not that clumpy and adds volume too! I also like using Cover Girl Perfect Point eyeliner. I got mine in black onyx, and I love it! I have to say, it's the easiest eyeliner I've ever used. It has a nice thin point to it, and glids onto you eye super smoothly. You never have to worry about it getting bumpy like applying (do you know what I mean?). It also doesn't smear a whole bunch like a lot of other brands. Sometimes you have to worry if the color will show up easily or if it will be kinda dull, but this liner is very bold! My favorite blush is Sweet Desire by FLIRT! cosmetics. I got this at Kohl's on sale, but usually is only $12. I love this because it comes with a nice sculpting brush, and mirror. The color is amazing for any skin tone, and leaves subtle traces of gold on your checks. I use this right under my high check bones, and it just leaves them looking amazing. I also use it right under my eye brows for an easy makeup job. This is also a god bronzer! The picure is kinda dark because I took the picture with my crappy camera phone, but the color is lighter and more golden looking. For eye shadow, I love to experient. Sometimes I just use a bright eyeliner for my eye makeup or sometimes I use shadow. One of my favorite looks for my eyes has a party look to it. I use HIP eye duo that comes with a black and a super shiney silver color. I also use a bright blue eyeliner. You take the blue eyeliner and line the top lid of your eye, thickly. Use black eyeliner and line the bottom of you eye lid, and use the super shiney silver shadow for inside of your eye to highlight it. It looks super fly! I also like using bright green and purple glitter for another party look. I think the bold, colorful, unique eye makeup is amazing. I love to experiment with different shadows, colors, and liners. However, the eyeshadow I use most is from ULTA. I got it for free in one of those sampling bags. It's a eyeshadow quad called Pink Corals. It contains the four basic colors you need: a pale light brown, and medium brown, a copper, and a dark green. I don't really use the dark green because it doesn't show that well, but I love the other three colors. I use the 3 colors for a natural look. First I apply the light brown from my top lid all the way to my brow. Then I take the medium brown and apply that to the outer upper lid. The copper goes in the inner part of the top lid, but I don't use too much because it's very strong. I also use black eye liner and mascara to complete the look. The medium brown and copper are also very good for smokey eyes...which I love!


  1. hahahaha i love the beginning. i use proactiv too and it works sooo well!

  2. I am currently using biore deep cleansing pore strips just because of this blog post.
    Sitting around with this funny white strip on my chin and forehead.
    I am so cool looking right now.


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