Nov 12, 2009

Your Questions have been answered

I've been asked by a reader to help her wear a cream colored moto jacket that she just bought. She said she's 13.... so hopefully these outfits are age appropiate. I was tempted to add high heels to all these, but 13 year old girls don't wear heels, do they? The first look, is more of a casual edgy chic look. The skinny jeans have studs on the pockets! This outfit is very simple, but very cute. I just love the colors of that Chanel eye shadow too...

Dream on

The second outfit is for if she's more... girly. Pair it with a lovely high waisted skirt, floral top, and tights. Ankle booties if she's a fashionista!

And the last outfit, is the most casual and the one most girls would wear to school... Just a pair of simple jeans, and leopard print flats.

Hope this helps!

The lovely Nic at

gave me this award! So thanks girl!

I give this to...

Liset at she has some lovely photography and outfits!

Julls at She's always so kind and has a certain love for boyfriend blazers (:

And...Betty at she's so great at knitting the most adorable things, and has lovely tattoos!

thanks everyone!


  1. ahhh I want a cream moto jacket so baddd!!!!


  2. this makes me want to go out an buy that jacket!

  3. aw you got the link wrong :( haha it's okay. thanks dear<3

  4. love the jacket- its all really age appropriate too and really sweet of you

  5. Ciao, how are you? J'aime this style, thanks for sharing! Have a good weekend!


  6. You put together some pretty adorable outfits with that jacket. Perfect for a 13-year-old, in fact perfect for any age really. :)

  7. thnx so much i'm goin to try de 1 en de 3rd one. i don't really wear heels.this wuz a big help.congrats to de award=)request on other blogs but didn't give 3 options so thnx. did anyone notice 2day is fri. 13?=0

  8. did you hear about jimmy choo for hm cant wait


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