Oct 10, 2009

Dear Maria, Count Me In

IT SNOWED LAST NIGHT!! haha everyone's status on facebook this morning was "It's only october 10th, it's way too early for it to be snowing!" but it all melted by this afternoon... *sigh*
I'm currently trying to convince my dad to bring me to the All Time low, We the kings, and The Friday Night Boys concert at the end on Novemeber. I know it's kinda silly to go to a concert with your dad, but my mom won't let me go by myself or with just friends. So I'm gonna go with my buddy Ena, and hopefully the venue will have someplace for dad to sit... we don't want him in the general admin area with tons of screaming teenage girls. I don't much care to All Time low, I think they're too mainstream for me. However, We the Kings is amazing. I usually listen to hardcore/screamo/rock stuff, but I have a soft part in my heart for We the Kings.
Another one of my favorite powerpop bands is A Rocket To the Moon. Their new CD comes out on the 13th... and I'm super excited to buy it! Nick Santino, the lead singer, is a total babe... hahaha. Back to my rock roots, I'm gonna guy the new blessthefall cd. it's real good!
Mom and I went shopping today. A new thrift store just opened up... and I got some things.
Here's what I wore: Leggings-H&m, Flannel-vintage, hat and shirt-forever21
Here's what i bought
Got a new slouchy/beret/beanie hat thing.... what do you call these things?!?


Then i got this AMAZING cardigan. It's a men's Xl, so it's reallly big. but comfortable. I got new black Skinny jeans from Pac Sun just cuz my old ones are too big and faded.


New plaid flannel shirt. This is really thick and heavy duty. Good for winter :D


This adorable red sweatshirt with toggles!


This is such a weird photo... haha but I got 2 pairs of flats, one gray the other brownish. woo.


Sorry for the bad photos! I hope everyone enjoys their last day of weekend xoxo


  1. like youre blog.;)
    & i love youre clothes.
    check mine to.

  2. i really like those brown flats :)


  3. Aww,I love all the things you found.I'm happy for you !

    And We the Kings have so cute songs.I've never heard of them before,butit's always a pleasure to find nice bands on cute blogs !
    So,thank you.I really like them.

    And hopefully you'll go to all the concerts you want ! But don't forget to take pictures.

  4. I just loove the yellow beanie, and I love beanies in general. I have 5! haahahah, all in different dark colours. They are just wonderful.

  5. i love all of these photos youre so pretty :)
    & the coat is from asos.com xx

  6. i love the yello green flats so cute. and good luck convincing your dad, my mum never let me to go to concert alone too. i should bring my sis, and my hate concert so yeahh haha good luck!

  7. Yes,I know.

    And I wanted to tell you that it wa sooo hot in the trip..but the day after tommorow it's gonna snow here too..it's umbeliveble.The global changes are really huge.

  8. I wish it snowed here! Not to worry only a month or so until I head overseas. Super cute collection of outifits I must say!

    x oriwa editorial

  9. snow!!! it never snows in west autralia hahaha. wow i love all ur new buys and those first pair of flats i looooooove xxx


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