Oct 3, 2009

"My god, my god what have I done?"

It's much too cold to be taking off clothes and putting them on, so you're gonna have to wait to see what I bought last week... haha sorry

Last night was the homecoming game, but I didn't go. I won't get into the details. It was stupid, I was gonna go, but eventually ended up not. At gymnastics, I can't see. I don't ever wear my glasses, and it's not like you can wear them while doing gymnastics. I can't see that well and it makes me scared to do anything. I can't consentrate on a skill if I can't see the vault or everything around me is blurry. My parent's won't let me get contacts, so I don't know what I am going to do... help?

I made an inspiration board. It's not that great, but it's just something to keep you all going. I'm feeling very blah lately. Maybe it's because of the sudden change of weather, maybe it's because of my parents, and maybe it's because of my friends. *SIGH* I'm second guessing my decision to leave my old school, and go to public school. When I made the decision, I just assumed I would of had meet tons of awesome people that I could consider my friends. It's homecoming weekend, and I'm at home. It's supposed to be the time when students bring out their school spirit and cheer on the teams. It's supposed to be a time when you bond with your class mates, and pull stupid pranks on eachother, and I can't do that. All because I moved schools, and haven't adapted well.... Wow, I'm pathetic. haha. It's not like people are mean to me. They're all nice, I just haven't been able to slither into their group of friends yet.


  1. ah, im sorry public school is so stinkish for ya! so, you haven't met ANYONE who seems like friend material? thats sad, cause if you came to my school, my friends and i would definitely be nice to you(:
    hope it gets better!

  2. i understand. it just probably takes a while for you all to warm up to each other. you've probably been friends with your other ones for a long time! im sure once you are with them long enough, it'll be great(:

  3. love the new look of your blog && the last postes which I missed :">

    Hugs hugs darling !

  4. aaawww cheer up hun I'm sure everything will turn out super fine in the end ;) I remember changing schools and feeling the same way, it really sucks!! Things do get better though, just keep on smiling and stuff will happen lol.

    Very cool inspiration board btw, I love all the black and white. I probably sound stupid for asking, but how did you do it??? I'm itching to do one too, and maybe fix my header.


  5. you'll get in with them. if you're feeling less than confidant, pretend you're confident!

  6. love the inspiration board. i hope you find new friends fast and adopt to the new environment!

    much love.
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  7. Oh no :(
    I hope your meld into a great group of friends soon. You can do it! Be confident! That attracts people to you. Can't beat science!

  8. i'm sorry to hear about the whole school malarky
    you'll start feeling better about the whole thing soon enough, i'm like one hundred and ten percent sure
    you've got to kind of believe you can
    and that's whats going to get you some really good genuine friends.
    good luck anywayyy!


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