Oct 20, 2009

Fall into sleep....

I have the song, "Three Cheers for Five Years" by Mayday Parade stuck in my head. I was listening to it on the way to school, and has been in my head ever since. It's a good song though...
This isn't the best outfit, but I wanted to take some photos of leaves. I don't have pretty leaves in my yard, they're all yellow and brown. The neighbors just outside the cul de sac, have these gorgeous red trees. I was tempted to borrow some of their fallen leaves for these photos... Ther were many EPIC fails while attempting to get these photos. They didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, but whatever. I look slightly er, shapely in these photos.
high waisted skirt: H&M, v neck t shirt: Pac Sun, Studded bracelets: local boutique,Plaid: Forever21
I really don't like manufactured plaid, especially this buffalo plaid trend we got going on. So I don't wear this shirt that much, because I know lots of other kids have joined the band wagon on plaid. I like to get mine from vintage stores, where I know it will be different from everyone else.

Photobucket Photobucket
Thanks for all the comments and new followers! I really do appreciate them :D


  1. i LOVE this plaid!
    i have yet to buy something in it though..

  2. I love the close up image-it's v cool xx

  3. the photos are genious<3
    i love them
    and you have a lovely house
    and yard
    weren't you cold?:))

  4. The first thing i noticed was that you were barefoot on the first pic. OMG. I am so envious (is that actually a word????) because some days ago it snowed in here. And I have to wear many layers and coats and so on...

    but i do love the color combo and the styling of the photos :)

  5. loved the Portrait style one (of the photos)!

    you are photogenic my dear, keep up with these kind of photographs.
    (and let us admire them on your posts :D )

    Joan :)

  6. Ur so pretty! Love the pictures :D



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