Oct 9, 2009

The People's Elbow: Attack Attack

First, if you don't know who Attack Attack is, check 'em out! Warning: They're kinda like techno screamo, so if you don't like that then don't check them out. haha. I'm currently at my mom's school on her laptop, stuck here for God knows how long. It's a friday night! I just had gymnastics practice, which was a lot better than last week. I'm supposed to be doing homework right now.... I have A LOT of projects of difficult homework to do this weekend... ish

Tomorrow will be fun! There's a new thrift/vintage store opening up around where I live and so Mom and I are gonna go. Heard there's 25% off... YES! Then I gotta go get some black skinny jeans, and lots of guy's v neck t shirts from Pac Sun. I love v neck t shirts :DDD. Also gonna go to H&M, and some other stores. I'm so excited!!!

I love the zipper jewery from Style Hurricaine. This girl is amazing! She makes it all herself, and sells them on ESTY. She's currently having a 300 follower giveaway for one of the rings :D Go Check her out.... stylehurricaine.blogspot.com


  1. Techno screamo?!! I'll have to check them out, I loove that combonation and I feel like not a lot of people ahve experimented with that music before.

  2. oh my god
    i looooooooooove your blog!
    adore it!!!

    pleaseplease, check out mine,
    tell me what u think!


  3. those look so cool. Don't even look like zipper anymore.

    and thanks for your comment sweetie<3

  4. crazy photos !
    Ana,I did it again ! I bought more blazers ! :"> Five acctuallty.Call me crazy but I'm obsessed with them.



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