Oct 21, 2009

Tik Tok

Today, the sophmores had the PLAN test, and since I'm in Biology, a sophmore science class, I was the only one in Bio today. Me being just a freshman... It was quite awkward, just me and the teacher. He tried to make conversation, but failed. It was awkward. haha

It rained today. At my old school, where my brother goes, they got let out early because there is a big football game today against one of their rivals. I hope they win! All my friends are talking about Sadie Hawkins, and I wish I would have stayed there just so I could ask a guy out! My friend plans on baking cupcakes and writing S-A-D-I-E-S? One letter on each cupcake. It's so cute. She's asking one of my good guy friends, and it'll be adorable. I tried helping her for costume ideas, and I didn't have any good ideas. I said John and Kate, Reggie and Kim, and Taylor and Selena. However, she reminded me it's supposed to be a costume, not necessarily celebrity couples. haha. I haven't yet established any sort of relationship with any guy from my new school yet. Which makes me sad, and I won't be able to ask a guy to Sadies. *SIGH*

Today I wore my amazing vintage boyfriend blazer. Somebody said "It looks like something a mom would wear" while pointing to my blazer...How funny these kids are. I layered 2 chain necklaces, one being chains and pearls, the other chains and a clock. I love this clock, and it actually tells time! How clever. Kept it simple underneath with a white V neck, and dark skinny jeans. Photobucket

I have Friday off school due to conferences! WOO. Friday I have gymnastics then a church retreat, which I'm not really looking forward to. Poo. XOXO


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  2. love your accessories, especially the clock, (that actually tells time)
    oh & that blazer fits you well.
    btw,i'm so shocked you're a freshman, you look a lot older than that! ha
    most people think i'm a freshman instead of a junior -_-

  3. What? That's not a mom-outfit! Silly kids. You look great. I love rolled up sleeves.

  4. the necklace with the watch is so cute
    i like it

    but is that really what your mother would wear?:D

  5. I love thr blazer (you know I am crazy about them) and the necklaces!! Lucky you..you'll have a 3 days weekend !

  6. I love your outfit! My mom wouldn't wear this in years, those kids don't know what they are talking about :-) you look great!

  7. ha i'd love to see my mum dressed like that! you look awesome xx

  8. all your outfits are so nice and simple but this one's my fave xx
    thanks for all the lovely comments! :)

  9. I love blazers and i love your outfit. I wear blazers all the time. who cares what they say!! AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR NECKLACES! where did you get them?

  10. Thanks for the comment, love your style!


  11. Don't listen to those silly kids, you look stunning! I love your necklaces :)


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