Aug 18, 2009

am I the only one who feels this way?? and DIY

Do you ever have the feeling like you're making the biggest mistake ever? At first you feel like you're donig the right thing-to venture out and be spontanious. Then you feel apprehensive, but know that's totally normal and ok. And when the time comes, you just have the gut feeling in your stomach that you've really made a decision that's gonna screw you over. Well today I went to my new school-public school. I've been to private all my life, and i may sound stuck up for saying this, but I'm scared for public school. I went in to get my picture taken, and to talk to my counselor. However, they had no file on me. They didn't know I enrolled at the school, and so I currently am not enrolled at any high school. I feel like now I'm making a mistake, leaving my comfortable lifestyle with the people i've known for 5 years. I have people there I'm cofortable with and know and I'm leaving the kids who are incredibley rich and posh to go to public school. Moreover, i realize my family isn't like that and I"m trying to save them money. Please tell me I'm doing the right thing. I'm sorry for all this emoness lately. I'm jsut confused beyond belief.

Well, gotta have something fashionable in this post! So here's a DIY skirt that I altered from a high waisted skirt to a high waisted tulip skirt. Before it just kinda hung there like BLAH, but now it's gathered on both sides and has the tulip skirt look. Hope you like it!

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  1. how come you weren't enrolled honey?? are you gonna be okay?
    come back next year if you dont like it!


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