Aug 26, 2009

Black and Gold

I finally got a hold of my mother's camera (I really need to buy one myself!). Today after working in my mother's classroom for almost 6 hours today (with these 2 really annoying girls), I got to go to a local Boutique called PATINA. It's not a clothing boutique, it's more of an accessory/homeliving/crazy stuff store. PATINA is kind of more for the 30 year old quirky moms out there, but I got a gift card for my birthday and needed to exchange something I didn't want that I had recievd. So I got 2 studded bracelets. A black one with gold studs and a white one with gold studs. I'm happy now cause I've been looking for some for a LONG time.

I'm enthralled that I finally get to do a proper post! And I also bet y'all are bored of my crappy posts, so we both win. Tomorrow hopefully I will be able to go to the mall to use my gift cards to Urban and H&M. I have $50 to H&M, and after exchanging a shirt and nailpolish that I don't want, I will have about $70 to Urban. I'M OH SO VERY PUMPED.

Studded bracelets (black and white): PATINA. Juicy Couture charm bracelet. Black beaded necklace(worn as a bracelet): Claires. Tights: Target. Off White Tunic: Vintage. Black lace Vest: Vintage. Ankle Boots: charity store.

ADIOS! haha. Am I the only one, or do like shirts that say "100% Angel" bug you? And maybe I"m the only one who hates this, but i really am not into the whole "peace sign", heart, tie dye fad we have going on here. It's really... idk seems immature for someone to be wearing peace signs, very infantile. Maybe i'm the only one who thinks it.


  1. Shopping at H&M and UO? I'm very jealous right about now.


  2. yay for gift cards!! i'm 100% with you as far as slogan tees go, hate them.

    the bracelets look great.

  3. i love your bracelets and shoes!

  4. Wow you look AMAZING :) Gorgeous outfit :)

  5. ohh i love the shoot ! Really pretty outfits ;)


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