Aug 28, 2009

blog award!

Sophie has given me an award! thanks girl! ( Go check out her blog if you haven't already, it's so good! and with this i guess I'm supposed to tell you 10 things about me... so here they go....

1. I can't swim. I really can't, i can barely "dog paddle". It's embaressing...

2. I always have my nails painted black

3. I tend to be more pessimistic than optimistic. I should work on that.

4. I would love to be a creative director, stylist, or photographer for a fashion magazine.

5. My hair used to be really long, then I cut 11 inches off and donated it to people who have cancer. They can make wigs out of it.

6. Um... my favorite subjects in school were Latin ( cause the teacher was SO cool), art and math.

7. I would love to be more witty... scarcastic and outgoing.

8. I really only text 2 people on a regular basic. ocassionally 2 more, but only tierney and keenan mostly. haha

9. I love love love hardcore metal/screamo/scene/emo music. warped tour music is my favorite!

10. I wish I was the person who could say I don't give a crap what people say. i really wish I could, but unfortunatly I do care what people say and think about me.

Now i give this award to... Sorry if u already have it


  1. Thanks so much hun!! I feel so honored :D



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