Aug 25, 2009

I need to go shopping!

For my Birthday I had gotten some goft cards to Urban Outfitters, one of my favorite stores! And I love gift cards there becuase it's normally too expensive for me to actually buy clothes there, except clearance of course! So heres some stuff I want! OH How I need to go to the mall!


  1. I love UO too. We don't have it here so I can only go there on vacation :(
    Great picks. I love the second top.

  2. WOW everything is so so fabulous! I want it all haha :') xxxxx

  3. hehehe i got u an urban gift card! so... we should go shopping together, cuz i just got my new card and its itching to be swiped! jk but i want to go shopping

  4. These are really great picks, especially the shoes! Damn!!



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