Aug 16, 2009

favorite fall/winter campagins, and how my party went

So last night was my birthday party which I hosted with a friend from school. To be honest, I think the party goers had more fun than I did. Which is fine, because they were my guests. However, i was kinda expecting more. The lights, music and sound system that we set up was GREAT! it was really cool, and it was funny watching people jump on the tramps and stuff. But no one really talked to me, which may have been because mom made me play "host", i didn't think i was able to enjoy the party itself. *sigh* i guess it just reassured me, knowing I know I won't be missed as much as they think they'll miss me. I've gone through the whole moving school thing before. People say they're going to miss you, and that we'll still hang out, but it doesnt really happen.

onto a more happy note. here's some of my favorite campaigns for the 2009 fall/winter season.

Bottega Veneta. I can't find the picture i saw in the Sept. issue of Vogue, but here's one I like.
all the Burberry ads with Emma in them are so pretty.
juicy couture always has cool looking ads
all three are alberta ferretti


  1. we will hang out still and you know its true!!!!!!! i'll see you at homecoming for sure tho right????? <3 <3 <3 :)

  2. ooh beautiful pictures. I love the burberry ads with emma. she looks stunning

  3. Aha when you say tramps do you mean trampoline? because I say that as well and didnt know anyone else did
    ahaa :)

  4. you don't know me, but i was looking at your blog, and WOW, you are so amazingly beautiful, and stylish at that!

  5. That D&G ad is spectacular, and I really like the tagline for the Juicy Couture ad. And Emma looks brilliant as always lol.


  6. all great campaignes, I especially like Burberry.


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