Aug 5, 2009

a DIY heavy metal hot mess

OK first thing I have an outfit post but... Hot Mess was leaked!
Check out Cobra Starship's new album "Hot Mess". It includes their new single 'good girls go bad' feauturing Leighton Meester. They come to my hometown tonight for a concert which I would love to go to... but can't! I don't think this is as good as Viva La Cobra (2007), but it's a pretty good follow up album. This is less of the party dance music as Viva la Cobra, but still has some fun tracks. Hot mess comes out August 11th!

I got new bedding! Do you like it?

My cat does!

and I got a lamp that matches.... I'm debating if I like it though. Do you like it?

My inspiration for a DIY necklace that I made are the following pictures. I love the bejewled, heavy, beaded bib necklaces. You can ad them to any outfit, like casual ones or fancy ones. I really wanted one, so I decided to try and make one. The end results.... thought it turned out ok... not that great. But i'm sure if i actually went to a craft store and got stuff, I could make a good one.

Leather Jacket: Kohls. White tunic dress:macy's. Leggings:H&M. boots:vintage
Thanks to all my new followers!


  1. Your cat is so gorgeous! :) xxxx

  2. Gorgeous bed and lamp, would definitely keep it. And such an adorable kitty :)



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