Aug 11, 2009

It's a beautiful day

Found out about a give away on Sophie's blog ( Check her's out, it's one of my favorites. It's quite a cute one.
This blog is having a give away! She's giving away these really cool t shirts! Follow her to be entered.

Here's some photos I snapped early this morning. It's a beautiful day, the sun is out and everything. Ahhh I must enjoy the last 3 weeks of summer because school starts on Sept. 8th for me. Skirt:target. Shirt: H&M. bag: vintage. glasses: vintage. Belt:H&M

and this is what I wore last night to go to get something to eat for dinner with my father. Funny how I don't look fat in this picture but look really chubby in the first outfit picture wayyy above.
Plaid shirt:Forever21. Shorts:lost. crochet tank:vintage, Hat. h&m bag:vintage

XOXO goodbye! have to do last minute party plans! my birthday is on saturday!


  1. lovely pics!!
    you look so gorgeous<3


  2. I'm looking for a vintage bag! Your bag is super cute :)

    And DIY SHREDDING OMG, I'm so into it right now. I just did my jeans!

    Your blog is cute! Love it.


  3. love your outfit! and those pictures are to die for, the outfit on the first two is sooo nice :)

    thanks for the shredding advice, haha and thanks for mentioning me up above ♥ x

  4. and i've just left you an award in my last blog post :) xx


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