Aug 21, 2009

karl who??? :)

So here comes more posts that don't require a camera from my end of things. Here's the legendary designer, Karl Lagerfeld carrying a bag, that pokes fun of him. It was designed by Nico Paris. Who ironically won a court case against Chanel and the use of their logo. Way to be a good sport Karl! Gosh, I love this man The trend continues... a t shirt!

Oh, and people. Don't go out and spend $70 on the eco friendly tote, and god knows how much on the t shirt because it's SO simple to make! Take a tote, t shirt, or whatever else you want, and paint it on with a brush and and paint. SIMPLE RIGHT??? when i go to likie target or something, ill pick up a shirt and make one myself. And maybe the bag too... :)


  1. i love them! and good on Karl for being a sport.

  2. That shirt is really sick, but I think it would look a lot better if it were off the shoulder. Or maybe that's just me :P



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