Aug 14, 2009

just a bunch of random photo's i've edited in the past

So I don't really have time for a real post, so I've leave you with some old photo's i've edited. Some go wayyyy back from this past october! TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! and i've got tons of stuff to do,. my mom wants to work out in the morning, got to get to the party place at 10 am to set up with my co host and her dad, then i have to go to the mall to get co host a present and get stuff for my brother, get my party supplies, get some food, make sure everything is ok, get ready, and HAVE A FUN TIME! this is the last time i'll get to see these people for real becuase I am going to a different school for High school. YIKES!

friend says i look like the grudge in this one...

shirt and slouchy vest :boutique called karma

jeans: forever21

coat: vintage

Me and a good friend named tierney
a sweet picture of tierney and her friend courtney that i edited

all you need is love

pants:H&M shirt: forever21I won't be able to post tomorrow! but ill do a post on sunday from my party! I hope it all goes well! xoxxoxoox


  1. im so excited for your party girl! <3 <3

  2. I really love the 6th & 7th photos :)
    Happy birthday!

  3. how do you edit your photos? they are really amazingly done!


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