Aug 7, 2009

alexander Mcqueen knuckle clutch

I promise to do a proper post tonight when I get home. I just went shopping, and I'll share what I bought with you tonight. Here's something to keep you mildly entertained... Alexander McQueen's AMAZING knuckle clutches. He's seriously a genious... these clutches are so unique, I would love to get my paws on one!

And here's some other really cool skull ones! Even though they are all pretty much the same design, the color and patterns are different. None look alike at all!


  1. i loveeeeeeee these, the knuckle duster one is pure genious. and the rest i would mind having either x

  2. Trust McQueen to blow you away every time :D I think I'll need to do a post on these too! Thanks for the inspo xx



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