Aug 3, 2009

a rainy visit to H&M

Today I met with a friend from school to plan our birthday party that is in 2 weeks! It's gonna be my GOLDEN birthday! woo. We have some brilliant ideas. We are gonna hang black lights all over the place, with a disco ball, and each guest gets those bracelets and necklaces that when you bend them, they start to glow! She is also developing a playlist with some of her music and my music. I gave her the family force 5 dance or die with a venange cd, and some sweet techno stuff.
(sorry for the crappy camera phone pictures)The other day, mom and I went to a nice outdoor mall near our house. Mom now goes to the Aveda Salon to get her hair cut, which I love because H&M is right across the street from it! I happily left her with the stylist, and frolicked across the street(making sure not to get run over!) I love how their window mannequins are orange and yellow. However, my brother thinks they're weird. I found tons of cute stuff that I want to buy. I am lusting over that leather moto vest... but it's $50, same with the leather jacket!
I also want a pair of combat boots. Like these ones, or maybe some yellow ones!!! haha. I also tried on 3 skirts in the dressing room. I love the grey high waisted skirt in the first outfit and it comes with the belt. The tank is really cool too (the next day while mom was getting a mesage, my brother was so kind to walk with me to H&M from the mesage palor so I could buy the tank for $3. However he complained the whole time saying his feet hurt and he was getting sun burned! It wasn't annoying, it was funny. He then told mom that we walked 14 miles to get to H&m when it was about a 15 minute walk each way. what a drama queen! lol). the skirt in the 2nd outfit is fun. It's like layered tulle. I didn't really feel like searching the store for a top that matched, so i just grabbed the first one I saw.

good bye for now! i'll be back soon to show you my cool DIY necklace!


  1. oooh i love h&m, and those outfits are so pretty too. i love the leather jacket too, lovely :) x


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