Aug 24, 2009

Color block

Sorry this post is way over due. I've just been busy with helping mom set up her classroom, and I've been watching season 1 and 2 of Prison Break on DVD which has inhaled a lot of my time. Uh here's just some photos i edited and an outfit post. Sorry it's not the most creative!~

Off the shoulder top:Target, DIY black skinny jeans:originally from H&M, black pumps: Vintage, Sequin Headband: Vintage Glasses: vintage (these 4 pics were supposed to be lined up in 2 rows of 2 and it looks pretty cool, i love the color block. Hopefully it lined up well on ur computer)


  1. Great skinnies. I've been wanting to do this too but I'm afraid I'll ruin a good pair of skinny jeans haha

  2. I love those jeans! I need some like those! :)

  3. ka-ute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and YAY! Everyday Sunday! Sonshine memories of Kevin.... the one i never got to sign my cd... grr


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