Aug 12, 2009

I was tagged!

so sorry for the lack of fashion... but i was tagged by Christine ( to tell you about six things that make me happy. check out her blog too! it's great.

1. fashion... duh. nuff said thar'
2. concerts. crowd surfing. moshing. circle pits. wall of death. head banging. sweaty people so close to you it's uncomfortable. thats FUN STUFF RIGHT THERE!
3. hanging out with friends.

4. shopping! especially when there's a sale. i dont like buying anything over $15

5. Holidays. like christmas birthday, thanksgiving. that stuff.
6. *see picture below*xoxoxoxoo i love you all! thanks for all my new followers! i gotta get to bed now. yikes it's late.


  1. Hellloooo :) Thank you, I had a great time cutting up the jeans. What I did was I took a sharpie, drew lines where I wanted them cut-then proceeded with a scapel/art knife and scissors. I used the art knife to cut across in small quick movements, following the line. Then I would just use my fingers to pull at the frays. Wasn't too hard, the second leg looked better than the first. Just go back and fix it up. Plus the whole look is all messy so no one can tell!


  2. three words...


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