Aug 29, 2009

my new purchases

hmmm so this morning i took pictures of what I just recently bought. Eh it was WAY too early to focus on doing my hair or putting my makeup on so you all get to see me in my all natural way. ISH. i just took tired and bleh. sorry. So yeah, I went shopping last night at like 8pm. I felt like such a rebel going shopping too close to when the stores closing... yes i live a very pathetic life. but i did play hooky. my dad thought mom and I were at the gym working out but we went shopping instead :D!

First up... this lovely floral dress. Well i don't really know if it's a dress, because it's like a t shirt kind of material but I'm wearing it as one. ha it was from URBAN for $9.99. I was surprised I bought this cuase usually i don't go for the whole floral girly look.

2. Grey top with cool racerback from Urban, $20.

third. we have this black slouchy top from Urban for $20 that has this cool tulle and stud gathering on the shoulders of the top. AND YAY! i finally got myself some grey skinny jeans from PacSun. That place has great jeans for a great price.

4th. we have a high waisted black shirt from h&M. Ya it was like $15. I got a grey jacket there too, but I'm gonna return it because it looks like I'm gonna go out for a run or a baseball game.

and last but not least I got a scarf from &M for $10 and some more skinny jeans from PacSun. I promised myself 2 weeks ago, I wouldn't buy anymore blue denim jeans because I have like 15 pairs now. and they're all skinny, However I needed to get 2 pairs for the deal. Here's some math for you. The deal was 2 for $55 (which was really good because these were normally $42.50 and the grey ones were originally $39.50), then I had a $19 merch. card, and 20% off a total purchase. So I ended up only paying $24 something for 2 pairs of jeans!
So as you can see, my style isn't the best. It's very casual and conservative compared to all you fashionistas out there. But hey, my style is "pretty out there" at my school... which makes you wonder how poorly dressed people are at my school. Haha whatever, i love em anyways.

Tonight I'm going to a party at tierney's house. It's gonna be a big party cuz she's having all her friends from the Highlana Area and all the catholic schools in the area and the people who go to hers and my school. So this will be interesting!

I just wanna say THANK YOU for all the nice comments! and even though i only ahev like 29 followers, it's a lot better than the 1 friend from school who followed me. So thanks everyone! ok corny moment over... OOXOXOX adios


  1. that first dress is adorable!!!!! i would totally wear it!
    love the tanks!
    that skirt is what i need!!!! i really want a high waisted skirt! and im loving the phone charger in the wall nice touch there... :P

  2. That skirt looks so lovely on you - I envy your figure! :)
    I really like your style, some people pull off laid back and still look glamorous and you're definitely one of those people. It makes me laugh that people think it's 'out there' haha, as if you wear some outrageous outfits.

  3. I love everything you bought, especially that floral dress/shirt thingy :P I would have probably left it on the hanger if I saw it in store, but it look super chic on you! And you have a great sense of style, it's casual cool and you dress better than most celebs do lol.


  4. The first dress and the scarf are so pretty. The dress looks great on you!

  5. The scarf is the best thing ever ! Love Love it !


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