Aug 30, 2009

"And you swear this is a different scene, but remember it's just different from what you've seen."

So tierney's party was so freaking fun. I didn't expect it to be that good, partly cuz the kids from my school don't really get into the whole "dancing" scene. Whatever, once those highland kids got movin', we shhhhoook our butts too.

lemme share with you my current song obsession.... hot mess by Cobra starship. My friend Elise, and I were the only ones who knew this song at the party, and so we were dancing and singing like a bunch of loosers. haha.

Cause you're a Hot mess, and I'm falling for you! And I'm like "hot damn, lemme make you my boo." Cause you shake it, shake it, shake it like you know what to do. You're a hot mess, and I'm loving it HELL YES!

So guess what? today I bought a camera. Yes I did. Not the one I wanted though. I wanted the Canon SD1200, but that was out of stock. Instead, I bought a Nikon. It comes in this sexy shade of purple, and is super tiny.

And now since school is a week away and I was super bored, I'm doning my anual "look though the plethora of fashion magazines you have and decorate your school notebook and folder" event. It's a fun time! I realize now I have too many fashion magazines... but i enjoy reading them too much. And if I want to work at a fashion magazine I should look at them, right?

So my floor is a complete mess... haha but i enjoy doing this kind of stuff. It's fun. and i get mixed reviews at school. Some think it's sweet others think I have no life (which I don't). And others just think it's stupid I have models splashed across my folers. Whatever I like it...

good night! haha, one more week of summer vacation! Freshman orientation is tuesday.. EEEK!


  1. Argh, you have a side kick you lucky thing.
    I want one but they're so hard to get in the UK ;-;
    Glad you had a good time :) ♥

  2. ooooh. you have followers from the UK??? lucky gal!
    i agree tier's party was amazing! and guess what girll????? we have cute new boys and you are missing out! i missed you today :(


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