Jul 21, 2009

that edgy feel...

So my camera still isn't working... but I used my mom's. It's nice, and works, which is all that matters. This is what I wore today. I realize it isn't the most WOW outfit, but it's casual and comfy. I just wore it to work/gymnastics gym today, so no need to get all dressed up.

Shoes: Vintage. Headband: Forlove21. Cardigan: Target. Floral Crochet top: Old navy. Shorts: Vanity

Things Currently on my mind:

1. Boot camp conditioning tonight at the gy... uggg. but it's a great work out.

2. Going to Public school for High school next year. I've never been to public school, and am scared of looing the friends I have made during jr high.

3. competing gymnastics again. Used to do club gymnastics and was good. I quit 3 years ago, and the public school I'm going to has a team, a bad one, but it's a team.

4. Mom finding a job. darn this economy.

5. my birthday coming up. have to start planning it, and talk to my friend whom I am doing it with. Our birthdays are only a couple weeks apart

6. My camera. Do I really want to buy a new one?

7. I need to go to Urban outfitters to get some cool oversized clear glasses.

8. Why can't I take drivers ed? I'm one of the oldest in my grade! Parents won't let me take it til next year... maybe. They say if I'm going to a school 4 blocks away, why do I need to drive?? I think it's more for bragging rights for me, since I am old.

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