Jul 24, 2009

A plethora of fashion!

Hello to all my viewers! Today I'm sharing with you a look, a new make up look I did on myself wondering if it looks ok, a dress I Trecy Feith dress I tried on, my work day, and my attempt to draw a fashion ad.

First, thought I'd share a look with you all. The dress if from a brand called London Times. It's little too long for me, so I hid the bottom part, which makes it temporaily shorter. I love the bubble hem dresses and skirts, but I have to be careful it doesn't make me look like a ballon. The cropped American esque jacket is from Urban Outfitters, but got it at a second hand store for $5. The gold chains with mini watch is from ForLove21. Decided to wear my black patent leather pumps with this outfit.

Today I had to work. I had a 3 year old class I had to teach and a Beg. I. Gymnastics is reality isn't that hard to teach to kids. The hard thing is to get them all to listen. My classes on Fridays are hard to teach because the kids drive me up the wall. Teaching girls from 7-9 with different skill ability is difficult in itself, and when they decide to goof off, it just gets worse! I love having a job, and getting paid. Usually it's really fun to work with the kids, sharing something I'm passionate about. However, today one girl cried because "she wasn't as good as the other girls" I kept telling her she actually has to try if she wants to improve, but she just pouted in a corner 'til her mom came over. Now her mom probably thinks I'm a bad teacher, which isn't the case!
Are we liking the "winged" eye effect? My brother thought it looked weird, but what do y'all think?
Oh, I also went to Target and tried on a Trecy Feith dress. Looked cute on the hanger, but when I tried it on it reminded me of some Amish Hippie. I'm sure it would look good on someone else, because the ads for it looked amazing. Guess it wasn't designed for me. Too bad because 1. it's Trecy Feith, and 2. it was on clearance for... $10!

Last thing, I was bored one night and looking through the newest Vogue, and decided to draw a picture. Attempted to draw the Lancome ad... Hence the word ATTEMPTED! ah, so I kinda failed, but it was an attempt.


  1. That dress is adorable Diana! I love it with the cropped jacket its tres chic! Also I love the winged eye effect! Screw it if Ryan thinks it looks weird its super cute on you!

  2. i adore that look on you! and the make-up is lovely too, silly brother :P

  3. Cute dress and love your drawing.

  4. those photo's are really good :)
    thanks for the comment x


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