Jul 27, 2009

Cameras, gymnastics, experimenting with color, and my poor excuse for photography

So today Mom and I went to an electronic store to look at laptops and cameras. When looking at digital cameras, my mom made me do some gymnastics to test out the lense for when my brother has meets. She wants to get good pictures of him, and was looking at the expensive, big honkin, black ones. So there I was, doing backhandsprings, backwalkovers, leaps, and jump downs the aisles of this huge electronic store... the sales guy said we were the most entertaining customers he's had in a while. I really want a nice camera, like those big Nikons with expensive lenses. However, I can't afford the $700 price tag. I was looking at a Canon Sd 1220, my friend has it and loves it. The camera is about $200, and takes some prety good photos for it's price. Another I was looking at is a Nikon coolpix. It's like a 12 MP and 7 times optical zoom... so now I have to decide. that's the hard part! Sorry for the "myspace" esque mirror shots. I don't like taking pictures in the mirror, but had no patience to fight with the camera for the self timer today. I just realized, the next 2 pictures are like the same pose. Ha, opps. I don't know why everything is so... colorful. Perhaps I'm just in that kind of strange mood. cute as a button... hahaha

Shorts and tank:H&M. Blue studded belt:Forever21

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  1. i love your shorts. if only we had an h&m in texas, haha.


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