Jul 5, 2009

boyfriend jeans

I am an avid lover of skinny jeans, I thinnk I've made an oath that I would always wear skinny jeans for as long as my legs stay... well skinny. However, while cleaning my house, I found a super cool pair of jeans. My brother's team mate gave them to him a while ago, but was quickly put in the "give away" pile. These jeans are super light wash Levi's bootcut jeans in a size 29x30. The previous owner totally destroyed and ripped them up, which I love! I don't think this picture shows all of the rips and destress, but it's ok enough. I've always wanted a pair of boyfriend capris because they just seem... effortless. I am always skeptical on wearing capris because my legs are already short, I don't want to cut the length off any more. But I just can't ignore these ones. I've decided to go more with the whole "boyfriend" look, and added a black boyfriend cardigan from Kohl's, and a grey tank from forever21. The bow necklace is from the thrift store and the black flower headband from forlove21. The white mocasins are also from the thrift store!

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