Jul 22, 2009

I'm singing in the rain...

First, I gotta say thanks to all the new viewers. I know I only have 10, but still. It's better than the 3 friends from school who were my only viewers for a while. Rememeber to leave comments about what you all are thinking... I'm attempting to keep everyone entertained, or at leasy mildly entertained. I do read everyone's comments.

Today's weather was bipolar. First, it was nice. Then it got really hot and super sunny, in late afternoon it got super dark, ominious and rainy. It was thundering and lightning a lot too. Then BAM it got sunny again. I wanted to go out and take pictures of it, but it stopped as soon as I got out. Whats up with that?!?! I even had a cute black umbrella and everything! *sigh* I love how beautiful thunder and lightning is. I don't know why it is. Most people are scared of it and run away, maybe I jsut have a twisted mind.
Anyway. Heres the pictures I got. I found a new place to put the camera. On the wooden posts of the mailboxes! Hopefully they won't fall and break mom's camera like it did to mine. :(
Shirt: New York and Co. (it's my mom's, however, she was giving it away so I snatched it away from her!) Shorts: I don't know where I got them. Belt: studded and blue from Forlove21. Green Flats: Vintage. Black umbrella: my mom's van

Enjoy! Comment please


  1. those are some really cute photos :)
    i put my camera on a fence post when i take photos outside & i'm always soo scared it's gonna fall that i look uncomfortable in all the pictures.

  2. I love the outfit Diana!!!!!!! super duper cute!


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