Jul 26, 2009

My weekend... and my unique find.

My blog has a new look! Not really, but I did change the title photo. Do you like it or do you like the old pictures better? The new one features the grunge look,a small picture Peaches Geldof, and some funky photography.

So the family and I went up to grandma's and grandpa's house for a family reunion. It was weird seeing a whole bunch of people you haven't seen in 9 years. I tought my little cousins how to do a cartwheel, they were SO cute! I didn't take my mom's camera, so I took some crappy pictures on my camera phone. Sorry they're so bad. I went around town with my aunt, boy cousin, and mom. I wanted to get a pair of moccasins, but couldn't find any I wanted to buy.
Thought this was funny... For all those desperate ladies out there, here's your chance!
Some ones I found, that I kinda liked. The ones on the right had a solid bottom, the ones on the left, didn't (I guess they're more of a slipper than a shoe). I didn't feel like spending my money.

Mom and I went to this cute boutique that sells a whole bunch of accessories. They have lots, and lots of faux designer purses, that look pretty real. However, I didn't buy any because I didn't want to spend the money and I heard that fake designer purses are made by people and children who don't get paid very much money... you know the story. Everything was cute though!

One last thing that I thought was funny was "Irish Pizza" It's almost an oxymoron isn't it! I thought it tasted fine, but my family didn't. Maybe my taste buds are off, or perhaps their's are.
I did go and buy one thing though... I got a funky heart necklace. Usually I'm not into the whole "peace sign", "Love", "Smiley face" kinda look. However, I thought this necklace was pretty cool and unique. I don't have anyting like it either. It also came with a pair of earings that match, but I'm not an earing person. I think they look tacky, but what do you think?????

Thought the pictures for this turned out BEAUTIFUL! I'm lovin' my mom's camera, it captures lots of detail. TTYL. Tell me what you think about anything. I read and appreciate all comments!


  1. i don't usually think much of peaches geldof but i do like this picture, the photography is lovely.
    that necklace is so cute! i like the earrings too, i think they'd look nice with curly hair but perhaps the necklace & earrings together is too much.

  2. I love the necklace!!!!!!!!!!! the earrings are kinda cute but they dont look like hearts as much as the necklace but they are cute in a sort of abstract way. The pictures look great your mom must have a very nice camera!


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