Jul 22, 2009

a day out and about

helllo everyone!
So today, my brother didn't have gymnastics so we all went out for a couple hours. Mom, brother, and I went to eat at a restaurant and I got fish tacos. I'm not a big fish fan, but I don't mind some tilapia, walleye, or salmon. The tacos were so good! They were soft shelled, had some cod, pineapple, beans, and other stuff in it. YUM!
After lunch, we went to Jamba Juice! I have to say, Jamba has the best smoothies I've tasted. They use all natural ingredients and have lots of yummy flavors. Mom wanted fresh squeezed OJ, but the machine was broken. :( She was really disapointed, so they gave me my smoothie for free. What nice people! I got the "Mango a-go-go". We stopped to get gas, and I set the cup down on the van floor... it fell over and the bottom of the cup broke. I had to then but the straw in the hole on the bottom and drink it that way. Also had to be careful juice wouldn't run out of the hole on the top where the straw is supposed to go... *sigh* Why is life so complecated?

It felt a lot warmer than it actually was. The car said is was only 72 degress, but it felt like 85. The sun was also out today, which was lovely. Decided to dress for the warm weather in a high waisted zebra print skirt from h&M, waist belt from H&M, and a purple dejeweled shirt from Old Navy. The picture kinda makes me look... fat. ARG!

Excited for "So you think you can dance" tonight. I missed it last week because of the concerts. I love that show. Good bye for now! I'll post something up soon!

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