Jul 31, 2009

Black and White...

There's just something I love about black and white photos. Opps, I guess the first picture isn't B&W, but it looks so cool! Here's to all the wonderful photography out there... This is what I did one friday evening... took pictures for my blog, hung out with my dog and cat (while they played model), and ate the best mango sorbet ever! Jeans: Vintage Levi's( The only pair of non skinny jeans that I own). Tank Top:H&M. Jacket: Nine West. leather gloves: vintage
The piano that the camera was sitting on

A hole in my pants...

Nice Lighting to make my face look good... or kinda goodThe shirt...

And now to my cat and dog... future models fer sure! You can see out dog, Dakota has destroyed our couch. It's mostly his couch now because he's the only one who used it. He likes to "keep watch" looking out the window at the action going on outside. Thought the ripped up couch was a cool picture though...

He Loves me!

My fat cat named Star, but i love her

Brother asked me to draw a picture of Star lying down... Took me 2 seconds, but I think it's quite accurate! And the head shot drawing is her at the Vet yelping. She doesn't like the vet :(And last but not least, I tried this new Mango Sorbet from Trader Joe's. I love that place, everything is SOOOO good there. So if you have a TJ by you, go get some!Good bye for now! please leave me comments letting me know what you think!


  1. thanks for the comments. yes, topshop is amazing haha. these photo's are awesome.. i love the paino one and the first one and the one's of your dog and cat, basically the lot of 'em :)

  2. I like the ripped up couch the best.
    I like photos of textures and water.
    your photography has potential, yah?


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