Jul 1, 2009

To my one and only viewer.

To Mackenzie! You've been my faithfull viewer on this blog, the only person who ever actually reads it. So perhaps I should personalize it just for you. She was my first contact on Polyvore who actually looked at my sets.... so nice, so nice. Now, I was just gonna ad a picture of us two together, but I think I actually accidently deleted it when clearing out my photos. So now after I typed this, I will hook up my camera phone to the PC and download it again....Just for you, Mackenzie. Wow, ok I think I'm blind because I downloaded it, and then it said it already existed. *Sigh* So here we are at Concordia Latin Days. The little nerds we are have been going to Latin days for the past two years. We are getting ready for the Toga banquet. I'm wearing a white off the shoulder Stolla (women don't wear togas unless they are prostitutes, which we are NOT: I'm proud to say!). I paired it with the black triple buckle belt from H&M, that I am in love with! Kenzie has a crisp white stola accented with gold trim, and a gold belt. 0o0o0oo0o0 excitin' I know! I love the fact that lots of designers are going for the whole "Grecian" or "Roman Goddess" look. It's so.... fresh. Here's Angelina Jole, American Ferrera, some other lady, and Anne Hathaway at the Screen Guild actor's award, all exibiting a Roman or Grecian look.
This green Poleci dress has a nice modern look to it, but still has that ancient Roman look. The brown belt adds the subtle touch of casual. I love the folds and pleats of this dress! It adds texture and a depth to it. This yellow dress by Stephen Burrows reminds me of like lemon custard. Wait, not thats mushy and sour... nevermind. Bad analogy. Uh, how about it reminds me of lemonade. Smooth, and Refreshing. *Ah* I wish I could wear long dresses like these, but I'm too short. However, Mackenzie is like whoa tall. I'll get her into a long maxi dress! I'll devise my clever plan very soon!

Above, we have beautiful Gwenyth Paltrow (not spelled right...?) in a white Grecian/Roman dress, and to the left of her we have a statue of the Roman woman in a stole. I see a resembelance dont you? ;D


  1. heyheyhey! i feel honored! a blog post about me!!! and diana I tried on a super pretty pink floral print maxi dress from Express and it looked FANTASTIC on me. but it was like $88 dollars and my mom would buy it for me... :( We should go shopping at your little thrift stores and we could find me one cheap! yay! im learning from you diana!

    BTW!!!!!!! we both look SUPER CUTE in the pic of us from Concordia

  2. hey, I'm a faithful reader!

  3. me + kenzie= fashion bloggers lovers 4ever....

    hahah and who is this other faithful reader???

  4. naw, you'll lose respect for me if I tell you.

  5. umm probably not. but ok. unless it's a guy from school... ha jk. naaa thanks for reading though


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