Jul 21, 2009

I"m back.... with a broken camera!

So I got back from my 1st camping/concert experience. Let me tell you, it was AMAZING!! I love rock concerts, and has discovered hardcore dancing is so so so much fun to watch! It looks like they are wiping their feet on a door mat, but going super fast! Of course, you have the flailing of the arms and everything else; it's just so funny. I loved moshing there too! The people were so nice about it, if someone got knocked down everyone would stop and make sure the person was ok. I was in a mosh pit, and some guy was going insane. He was out of controll and he hit his head on my face, and the people behind me were like "Are you ok????" I was totally fine, and after the song, the guy who hit me came back and apologized!!!!!

The thing I hated about going was... it was SO COLD! It was also very windy, which added to the bitterness of everything. Every night, I would be curled up in my sleeping bag freezing to death! The guys were so cold, they brought their sleeping bags out for breakfast! However, the night life at the camp site was so fun. When it was pitch black, people lined up at the porta pottys, and if someone came out, they cheered really loud! We all played marco polo with people from other tents too. It was so funny! I also went star tipping for the first time, had my first Mt. Dew and Dr. Pepper, and met lots of cool people.

My favorite concert was probably the Family Force 5 (shown here) show or August Burns Red. FF5 was so fun because it was at the main stage and we had so much fun singing along, dancing and "shaking out badonkadonk for Jesus!". The August show was so intense! So much moshing was going on, we even saw people bleeding. At the end of the As I Lay Dying show, 3 people got driven off in a mini ambulance, one guy broke his leg! I found a lot of cool new bands like These Hearts, The Suit, For All Those Sleeping, and more! I have to say I was disapointed at the Relient K show. They performed lots of their slow songs, which I didn't like. I didn't think the younger kids were prepared for the crowd action, and so there were LOTS of bad crowd surfers, and it got really annoying. We probably dropped a lot of people too because they didn't know how to crowd surf. I got 4 shirts (August Burns Red, Gwen Stacy, These Hearts, and Children 18:3), and 5 cds (2 of These Hearts, the New August cd, Everyday Sunday, The Suit)

I love it when bands sell their own merch. It also works out for them because they kind of guilt you into buying their records. I met the guys from Philmont and Everyday Sunday! They were so so so nice, and I bought their record not knowing if I would like it, but I wanted to support them. Turns out the records are very good. So go check 'em out! I also got the 3 siblings from Children 18:3 to sign my shirt, and the lead singer of August to sign the new record.

I was taking new pictures for the blog, using my handy dandy self timer.... and the camera fell off the ledge! It won't turn on, and the lense won't go back into it's hiding place. So now I have a broken camera that doesn't work. I should have paid the extra money to put a warenty on it. Shoot, now I have to buy a new one, and I don't want to spend money. ARGGG!

So I'm going to add some of my outfits I've been using for Lookbook.nu. I've tried to keep the blog and LB seperate, but for now I'll have to break that rule of mine. After all, rules are ment to be broken aren't they??

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