Sep 1, 2009

"let's take it back before it all went wrong"

I got a new camera. the nikon I just got took some crappy photos, and so I was at a store and saw they had the Canon on sale, and so I bought it. I LOVE THIS CAMERA SO MUCH. if you're looking for an amazing camera at a decent price ($179.99) get this one. It takes some pretty bangin' photos. It's the canon SD 1200.

Today I had freshman orientation. My class size is 493.... a little overwhelming considering my class size at my old school was 113. I didn't get to meet too many people, but I did meet a friend of a friend. and lemme tell you, there's so many good looking boys. Sure a lot of them look older than 14 or 15, but at public school you get a WIDE variety of boys. preppy ones, emo ones, atheltic ones, skater boys, punks, and ghetto ones. it's amazing. and for the first time today I saw an African American male wear skinny jeans, with a studded belt. Skinny jeans adds a certain amount of attractivenss in the male species... haha. unless they're fat, then NO!

So since school is only .8 of a mile, I get to walk home (it's good exercise, I keep telling myself). So with my new camera I took some lovely scenery photos.

Then after I got home, I took some outfit pictures! Dres: urban, Jacket:nine west, tights and shoes:vintage, chain necklace: Forever21

I wish I could make these bigger. Even if I make the picture like 3654 x 2456 or whatever it's still this size. And right now the picture size is only like 1300 x 1900 or whatever. SO please help me! haha

xox thanks for all the nice comments!


  1. Thank you for the comment ! Love the tights <3.
    I have a problem with my photos size too,as you could see..but I guess you could fix it from the camera menu or smth like this..

    Hugs.Lovely blog ! I'll follow !

  2. omg!
    i love the tights and the shoes
    great sence of style


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