Sep 11, 2009

"I wasn't asking for the world" Vices by Silverstein

So here's finally a decent post. It's what I wore to school today.... Speaking of school, I'm starting to really like it. Still lacking in the buddy department, but some classes like my accelerted 9A english class, and French are fun. Mostly because people actually talk in those classes. I also kinda like Fashion and Clothing now... mostly because we get to move around and actually do stuff. There's these 3 guys who always talk out of turn, but it's funny. It's not obnoxious yet... I have an Adv. Alg/trig test on tuesday, but that should be really easy because it's just review.

The skirt I got at H&M, and I'm wearing it backwards. I just think the zipper should be shown, and not on the back. The tank is from forever21, and the studded sandals from Old Navy. I did wear a gray cardigan (yes I got one!) from H&M, but I took it off walking home because it was so warm outside! this is like the one time you will see me wear pink....
Tried this one effect on Picnik.... it's like hypnotic or something crazy like that. it's very itnteresting....I don't much liike it so i'm gonna stop using it!
And I guess I decided to try a bunch of strange effects on Picnik... next one. Posterize.
Haha ok wow... theres the fun for the day! everyone have a great weekend!


  1. yep,yep,dub fx it's a genius.he makes all the music with his voice and that recorder's unbeliveble !

    love the outfit.perfect for school !

  2. thank you as well
    and you are welcome<3


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