Sep 8, 2009

First day of school...

So today as I walked in the huge public school... so many kids were standing around talking to their friends and catching up. I felt kinda dumb, not knowing anyone so i just went to my locker, hung some photos up and putts around til the bell rang. Most of my classes were fine, and I love my Social Studies teacher. French was pretty good too because i got to talk to upper classmen, and there's one cute boy! haha. we learned how to say "my names is.... what's your name?" which I had learned like in kindergarden... so this class will be really easy. Math was funny just partly because I had all the stupid seniors or average juniors in it. the teacher was all concerned about me being in the class because I don't think he thought I was able to be in it, me being a freshman. that's the joys of going to a private school, your so ahead of the public school kids. He had a list of all the kids in the class and where to sit. Next to our names was our grade, so there was a lot of... gr. 11, gr 12.... and then BOOM, me... gr. 09.

I decided to wear outfit number 1 today with black flats. Tomorrow I'll go for outfit number 2 and the day after, outfit number 4. haha I NEED HELP! I'm taking a clothing and fashion class and I want to drop it because 1. the kids are annoying (the cool looking guy dropped it cuz we have stupid freshmen girls who won't shut up) and 2. I don't like the teacher... however I do want to learn how to sew and stuff, but the projects we are gonna make sound really dumb. i.e, scarf, pajama pants, and a free project. *sigh* i don't know what to do...

heres some topshop stuff i like... and want. however shipping for topshop is $15!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and their prices are already $$ on top of that...

topshop stuff i want
topshop stuff i want by rockinthearts featuring Kate Moss


  1. oohh you should study fashion at school if you want to! any experience is good to learn. and topshop is exp hey but i always love there clothes. hope school goes well i love all the outfits esp no4 xx

  2. My friend does fashion and she hates it too because there's so many annoying girls but I think if you try to ignore them the experience will come in handy - knowing how to sew is awesome when you see a really expensive skirt or something that doesn't fit you quite right :)

  3. Just wait a little longer before you decide to drop that class. Maybe it will get better after a while.


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